CPC Awards of Excellence Recipients

Congratulations to the 2019 Recipients

Award recipients - CPC Awards of Excellence Program

Recipients of the 2019 CPC Awards of Excellence

Note: 2020 Awards of Excellence Recipients will be announced and posted here in September 2020.

Outstanding Career Leader

Outstanding Career Professional

Outstanding Social Media Strategist

Outstanding Community Outreach Strategist

Outstanding Employment Interview Strategist

Outstanding Résumé – Internationally Educated Professional (IEP)

Outstanding Résumé – New Graduate (Entry-Level Professional)

Outstanding Résumé – Career Change

Outstanding Résumé – Technical

Outstanding Résumé – Creative

Outstanding Résumé – Executive

Executive Director’s Awards – Outstanding Volunteer Contributors

These exceptional CPC volunteers are recipients of the Executive Director’s Award for 2019:

  • Adrienne Tom for establishing and leading CPC’s new Social Media Program.
  • Christine Cristiano for her supportive presence on CPC’s Facebook Group and Resource Lead.
  • Daisy Wright for championing CPC’s Twitter Chat program as CPC’s Twitter Team Lead.
  • Dorothy Keenan for establishing and managing CPC’s new member outreach program.
  • Jayne Barron for founding and managing CPC’s new webinar program.
  • Jennifer Miller for her thorough in-depth CRS assessment reviews.
  • June Cho for her ongoing work as our primary CCS assessor.
  • Kathy Weston for her long-term contribution to the CPC Certification program.
  • Lori Jazvac for her unique, thoughtful, and consistent contributions to the CPC Newsfeed.
  • Marian Bernard for her long-term contribution and lightning-fast tele-networking notetaking.
  • Maureen McCann for proactively managing CPC’s Canada Career Month CCM initiatives.
  • Michelle Precourt for her leadership, engagement, and dedication as CPC LinkedIn Team Lead.
  • Nadia Qasmieh for contributing effectively as CPC’s newest CRS assessor.

Honourable mentions go to the following teams for their remarkable contributions to CPC’s growth in the last year:

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If you have any questions about the Awards of Excellence program, please e-mail Nominee: info@CareerProCanada.ca