About Career Professionals of Canada

Get Connected!! Career Connections E-NewsCareer Professionals of Canada (“CPC”) is a member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise. We are a leading national association for career practitioners supporting the Canadian labour market. We create opportunities for our members to gain contacts, credentials, and credibility within the field.

CPC operates virtually, capitalizing on the internet, online technology, and social media. We offer members a range of programs including professional development, certification, and networking opportunities. This includes mastermind mentoring, tele-networking, online forums, regional meetups, LinkedIn and Facebook groups, eNews, webinars, and online courses, as well as volunteer opportunities – all available for the benefit of our members. We have seen members develop meaningful business and person relationships through these online connections.

In addition to helping members connect with colleagues, we provide business services such a liability insurance. We also help members to connect to individuals and organizations seeking their services.

The bottom line, we work with our members to help them to achieve success as they take their career and business to new horizons.

CPC helps career professionals get better at being career professionals.

“After performing due diligence, I quickly uncovered the only organization in Canada helping career professionals get better at being career professionals – Career Professionals of Canada. Instantly after joining, I learned that this was much more than a typical association…that this was a place where I could ask questions and get answers to the tough issues I was facing.”

Maureen McCann, Promotion Career Solution

Our Mission

Career Professionals of Canada’s mission is to inspire practitioners across Canada by providing the support and tools they need to advance their career, business, and professional development goals. Working together, we:

  • Promote quality, ethics, and expertise within the field.
  • Raise the capabilities, profile, and visibility of our members.
  • Help members develop meaningful professional relationships.
  • Encourage members to advance their career service goals.
  • Give back to the Canadian career community and labour market.

We work together for career success!

Our Culture

Career Professionals of Canada is a caring and sharing community of professionals. Our culture is one of “engagement,” which is characterised by candour and community among members.

We are inclusive, supportive, and collaborative. We maintain open lines of communication and respect the perspective of all members. Our members are encouraged to actively participate in all our initiatives and programs, and take advantage of all the benefits of being a CPC member.

Relationship building is important to us. We want to help members share and grow through interaction. We want our members to build long-lasting friendships, so casual conversation is welcomed and encouraged.

We understand that every one of us is on a unique career development journey. Career Professionals who are learning about our field or new to the field are welcomed. No question is too small and all of our members, mentors, and ambassadors are willing to help.

Our Members

CPC’s members are a diverse group of individuals including employment consultants, career coaches, resume writers, job developers, guidance counsellors, vocational consultants, outplacement consultants, and a wide variety of other career professionals. Working together, we provide quality services, comply with a strict ethical standard, and offer career expertise to assist Canadians with successful career and business moves. Our members come from all sectors and regions across Canada:

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Government Organizations
  • Non-Profit Services
  • Private Sector Businesses
  • Outplacement Firms
  • Corporate HR/OD Organizations

We work together for career success!


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