The CPC Community

CPC Community members Wayne Pagani, Maureen McCann, JP Michel and Denis Luchyshyn

Career Professionals of Canada is a social enterprise.

CPC is a member-run, volunteer-driven community of professionals. Our culture is one of purposeful kindness, inclusivity, and engagement.

As a social enterprise, CPC members collaborate to maximize our collective social impact. Our objective is to share and grow through volunteerism, collaboration, and interaction.

It’s about time you invest in yourself!

Our members actively engage in CPC’s programs to build relationships, develop competencies, enhance services and gain expertise in supporting clients. Together we can make a positive contribution to our country. We work together for career success!

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As a CPC Member, you are part of a supportive and collaborative community.

By joining CPC, you become part of a caring and sharing community of Career Professionals. You have access to various forums and venues for relationship building and collaboration. Dedicate yourself to purposefully taking advantage of these opportunities. Use the forums to ask advice, provide insight, and develop strong relationships with your colleagues. We are all on a unique career development path and we are here to help each other learn and grow. Take full advantage of this opportunity to get the most out of your membership with Career Professionals of Canada.

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“Membership in this highly professional organization has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and continues to be an amazing opportunity. The many events provided for growth and learning instills a level of confidence that CPC members are definitely being kept on the leading edge of the career industry. As an added bonus, it is both fun and rewarding to interact with other members who generously share their knowledge and hands-on experiences.”

Cathy Milton