Code of Professional Conduct

Career Professionals of Canada’s Code of Professional Conduct outlines our rules, standards, and ethical guidelines. Members of Career Professionals of Canada must know, honour, and adhere to this code of conduct. This framework helps us to make thoughtful decisions, uphold the quality and integrity of the services we provide, and guide our behaviour.

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The Career Professional's Creed

A Declaration of our Code of Professional Conduct in Real-World Language

“I am proud to be part of a helping profession. In all interactions with clients and colleagues, I demonstrate unwavering ethics, integrity, and purposeful kindness. I consistently act with professionalism, practicing only within the boundaries of my qualifications. I seek out opportunities to learn and grow because my clients deserve leading-edge support. I embrace the values of diversity and inclusion, showing respect to all clients as I ensure their unique needs are met and their dignity is maintained. The members of my community of practice are my strongest allies and collaborators. Collectively, we nurture trusting and effective relationships with the individuals we are privileged to serve.”

CPC Members: Demonstrate your commitment to The Career Professional’s Creed by adding it to your website, along with a link leading back to Career Professionals of Canada as the original source.

Principles of Professional Conduct

CPC’s Code of Professional Conduct requires that members follow certain principles, which enable us to be accountable to our profession and to the public. By complying with this code, we protect ourselves, our employers, our colleagues, and our clients.

Compliance to the Code of Professional Conduct

Updated October 2021 – The Career Professionals of Canada Code of Professional Conduct was informed by the National Competency Profile for Career Development Professionals and the Code of Ethics for Career Development Professionals. This code replaces CPC’s Code of Standards and Ethics.

CPC’s Code of Professional Conduct does not supersede legislation and regulations that members are required to follow according to the jurisdiction in which they work and the services they provide, nor the jurisdiction in which their clients may work and live. Violations of this Code do not automatically imply legal liability. Such a determination can only be made by legal and judicial proceedings.