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Career Professionals of Canada is the national association for career practitioners.
We are a member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise.
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Career Professionals of Canada is a uniquely Canadian not-for-profit association. We are the leading member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise in Canada. Our members support clients in all provinces and territories, from coast to coast to coast. CPC members:

  • Help people successfully navigate work, learning, and life transitions.
  • Are coaches, counsellors, educators, consultants, coordinators, specialists, writers, administrators, managers, and executives.
  • Work in universities and colleges, government organizations, non-profit services, and private sector businesses.
  • Guide clients in career development, work-life coaching, interview coaching, employment consulting, and résumé writing.

If you strive to help people through their career journey, we invite you to join us. We are an inclusive national association for aspiring and expert career professionals. No matter what experience or education you hold, you have a home with us. Join us now:

By joining Career Professionals of Canada you are making an investment in your personal and professional development. You'll increase your connections, enhance your expertise, and raise your visibility. We'll help you gain contacts, credibility, and credentials in our profession.

We're working together for your career success!

Career Professionals of Canada

Career Professionals of Canada News Feed

Helping Job Seekers Navigate a Successful Job Search in the Summer

– By Lori A. Jazvac – Summer is a crucial time for job seekers, as it’s not just a vacation season but also a period when employers actively seek talent to fill positions for the fall and winter. It’s a time ripe with opportunities that should not be overlooked. As…

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Examining Public Sector Wage Growth in Canada

This recent article in the Financial Post sheds light on the July 2nd, 2024  Desjardins report, which reveals notable wage growth within Canada’s public sector. This trend sparks important discussions about the balance between fiscal responsibility and fair compensation. While increased wages can enhance employee satisfaction and retention, it also…

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Why Vacation Time is Essential for Career Development Professionals

This article from the New York Times brilliantly underscores the necessity of taking vacations to combat burnout, a crucial issue for all professionals, especially those in career development. Career Development Practitioners often bear the responsibility of guiding others through their professional journeys, which can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Regular…

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Unlocking Opportunities: Harnessing the Hidden Labour Market Tools for Newcomers in Canada

– By Aparna Chakraborty – The challenges newcomers face in Canada are formidable, yet their resilience shines through. Systematic barriers hinder their chances of employability, including a lack of Canadian job experience, language barriers, difficulty in getting their foreign credentials recognized in Canada, and a limited professional network. They may…

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Summer Job’s for Youth 2024

According to HRD Magazine, summer job postings for youth have dropped. The latest report shows a dip in summer job postings in Canada, with a 6% decrease from last year and a notable 22% drop from 2022. Despite these figures, the postings are still 47% higher than in 2019. Youth…

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Recognizing the importance of self-care

– By Lori A. Jazvac and Ksenia Lazoukova – As career development professionals (CDPs), we play a crucial role in guiding individuals through their career journeys. However, job demands can sometimes impact our well-being. A holistic approach to wellness is beneficial and crucial for CDPs to navigate their demanding roles while…

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The Career Professional's Creed

A Declaration of our Code of Professional Conduct in Real-World Language

"I am proud to be part of a helping profession. In all interactions with clients and colleagues, I demonstrate unwavering ethics, integrity, and purposeful kindness. I consistently act with professionalism, practicing only within the boundaries of my qualifications. I seek out opportunities to learn and grow because my clients deserve leading-edge support. I embrace the values of diversity and inclusion, showing respect to all clients as I ensure their unique needs are met and their dignity is maintained. The members of my community of practice are my strongest allies and collaborators. Collectively, we nurture trusting and effective relationships with the individuals we are privileged to serve."

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