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Career Professionals of Canada is a national association for career practitioners.
We are a member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise.
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Career Professionals of Canada is a uniquely Canadian association. We are the leading member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise in Canada. Our members support clients in all provinces and territories, from coast to coast to coast. CPC members:

  • Help people successfully navigate work, learning, and life transitions.
  • Are coaches, counsellors, educators, consultants, assistants, coordinators, specialists, writers, administrators, managers, and executives.
  • Work in universities and colleges, government organizations, non-profit services, and private sector businesses.
  • Guide clients in career development, work-life coaching, interview coaching, employment consulting, and résumé writing.

If you strive to help people through their career journey, we invite you to join us. We are an inclusive national association for aspiring and expert career professionals. No matter what experience or education you hold, you have a home with us. Join us now:

By joining Career Professionals of Canada you are making an investment in your personal and professional development. You'll increase your connections, enhance your expertise, and raise your visibility. We'll help you gain contacts, credibility, and credentials in our profession.

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Career Professionals of Canada

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How to Invest in Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Bank Accounts

With life gradually returning to normal after COVID, some people report that they’re having difficulty adjusting. Some feel exhausted, unmotivated, unsettled, anxious, and perhaps even depressed. For the last two years, all of us have had to draw heavily on our physical and emotional resources. But, let’s face it, those resources are not…

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Following Up on a Job Application: Good or Bad Idea?

During a recent Advanced Résumé Development (CDP-105) course, students enjoyed a lively and interesting discussion about the pros and cons of clients following up on a job application. The discussion came out of the analysis of a cover letter in which the job seeker closes with the statement “I will…

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Working With Recruiters: Insider Tips for Success

Job seekers inevitably interact with a recruiter at some point in their job search. One of the prime goals of a recruiter is to find the best qualified candidates to fill vacant positions in the shortest amount of time. Career professionals diligently prepare their clients to impress the recruiter and…

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Gaslighting in the Workplace: How to Help Your Clients

As career development practitioners, we’re aware of various forms of bullying and manipulation that can occur at work. But what happens when the manipulation is not that obvious and leads your client to question their abilities, and even their mental health? You may have heard or read about the phenomenon…

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How Do You Overcome Impostor Syndrome?

“Impostor syndrome” is a term used by clinical psychologists when referring to high-achieving individuals who are unable to internalize their accomplishments and have a persistent fear of being exposed as frauds. A quick Google search reveals that up to 82% of high achieving professionals suffer from this psychological phenomenon, which affects…

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Learning Quotient (LQ): What It Is, Why It’s Important

A relatively new kind of “quotient” is gaining recognition and prominence in workplace hiring practices. The Learning Quotient (LQ) refers to our willingness and ability to grow and adapt to new situations and challenges in our work lives. It refers to our “learnability.” Along with IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional…

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