Career Development Practitioner (CDP) Program Outline

  • Obtain your Career Development Practitioner (CDP) Designation.
  • Update your competencies in career development, work-life coaching, interview, employment, and résumé strategy.
  • Prepare to apply for your Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) certifications.

CDP Courses

CPC's part-time online CDP program includes five courses that can be completed in any order. Courses are fully facilitated. The CDP training program is ideal for students who would like an intensive program that can be completed within a short time frame. You may complete courses in any order. However, we highly recommend you register and complete one course at a time.

Courses are aligned to the CDP Competency Framework [previously the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs)]. If you wish to attain your Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) certification, it is recommended that you take CDP-101. This course covers Ethics and Theory, two important considerations for certification, and is recognized by the Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD) and provincial associations.

Courses fill up very quickly and we often have a waiting list. Check Career Professionals of Canada's Course Schedule and register for upcoming CDP courses. To reserve your spot, you must register and pay for the course in full.

Training to Attain Certifications

CPC's Course-Based program allows you to be granted your certification immediately if you have one year of related work experience. When you pass these courses, you can apply to be automatically granted the associated certification without submitting work product:

Course Fees & Discounts

  • Non-members: $1100 per course
  • CPC members (50% off): $550 per course

All course fees listed are in Canadian dollars and taxes will apply based on the student's province of residence.  Course Withdrawal, Transfer & Changes. CPC courses fill up very quickly and we often have a waiting list. To reserve your spot, you must pay for the course in full. When you join the course, you will receive all required texts. There are no additional fees!

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