CPC Ambassador Team

Special Message to Career Professionals from our Ambassadors: By joining our social enterprise, you will build your reputation, deliver quality services, and increase your income. We are working together for your career success!

CPC’s Ambassador Program is an initiative to build connections with career practitioners and to increase awareness of our organization across Canada. The Ambassador Team operates with the mandate to represent CPC and promote the value of professional membership through strategic, focused outreach.

Our Regional Ambassadors oversee and deploy in-person networking meetups in their specified regions. They initiate contact with other career professionals in their local communities. They help potential members and new members learn more about CPC’s initiatives, benefits, and programs.

If you would like to learn more about Career Professionals of Canada, our programs, certifications, and/or courses, we invite you to connect directly with one of our regional Ambassadors.

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Career Professionals of Canada Ambassadors

Job Description

CPC Ambassador

Do you love to engage with career professionals and promote the value of professional membership?

If you enjoy building relationships, sharing content online, and connecting with colleagues, then you will want to take on this role.


  • Network with career professionals in your region.
  • Deepen your relationship with other CPC Ambassadors.
  • Learn the “ins and outs” of  CPC and take full advantage of your member benefits.
  • Build your own credibility, visibility, and exposure in the field.
  • Engage members of the career community through social media.
  • Gain satisfaction by contributing to CPC’s growth.
  • Get rewarded for referring new members to CPC.

Time Commitment

2 to 5 hours each month. This time commitment may vary, but a regular obligation is required for new member engagement and team collaboration.


  • Collaborate with other CPC Ambassadors to increase awareness of CPC in your region.
  • Promote CPC membership, certifications, and courses.
  • Disseminate promotional materials and themed content via social media.
  • Recruit new members by providing information on CPC’s initiatives, benefits, and programs.
  • Help potential members understand the value of our organization.
  • Conduct strategic outreach initiatives to identify and engage potential members.
  • Connect with new members in your region to introduce yourself and CPC.
  • Represent CPC at events in your region.
  • Work in partnership with the team to plan program initiatives, by conference call, each quarter.

The CPC Ambassador is a volunteer role and therefore receives no compensation by CPC. However, on occasion, you may agree to undertake work where you request and receive reimbursement for pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses. As CPC is a member-driven social enterprise, this is consistent for all volunteer roles.

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