CPC Ambassador Team

Got a question about CPC membership benefits, courses, or certification? Ask an Ambassador.

CPC’s Ambassador Program is an initiative to help new members become more knowledgeable and involved in CPC’s initiatives, benefits, and programs. As Ambassadors, we inspire our members. We help them to believe in themselves. We help them to navigate the great and complex world of CPC!

Our Ambassador Program’s focus is on member welcoming and retention. The team operates with the mandate to represent CPC and help new members learn more about CPC’s initiatives, benefits, and programs. Ambassadors respond to inquiries from new and existing members. They also perform strategic outreach in their region.

If you would like to learn more about Career Professionals of Canada, our programs, certifications, and/or courses, we invite you to connect directly with one of our regional Ambassadors.

Do you love to engage with career professionals and promote the value of professional membership?

If you enjoy building relationships, sharing content online, and connecting with colleagues, then you will want to take on this role.

Benefits to You

  • Network and build relationships with CPC Members across Canada.
  • Inspire and engage your colleagues to succeed in our profession.
  • Build your own credibility, visibility, and exposure in the field.
  • “Friend” members of the career community through social media.
  • Learn the “ins and outs” of CPC and take full advantage of your member benefits.
  • Gain satisfaction by contributing to CPC’s growth.

Time Commitment

2 to 5 hours each month. This time commitment may vary based on regional differences.

Your Responsibilities

Attend Welcome Wagon Sessions:

  • Attend CPC’s Welcome Wagon Zoom meetings four times a year.
  • Participate in discussions, engage new members, and create a welcoming environment.
  • Learn about CPC’s activities, programs, and benefits so that you can share these with members.

Welcome New Members:

  • Welcome new members into the CPC community by email and phone.
  • Help new members understand the value of our organization.
  • Provide members with information on CPC’s initiatives, benefits, and programs.

Make Relationships with CPC Members:

  • Reach out to existing CPC members through the directory.
  • Help members develop meaningful professional relationships.
  • Answer questions about CPC from existing members.
  • Promote CPC membership, certifications, and courses as opportunities arise.
  • Be there for members in general. Help them feel like they belong.

Referral Program

The CPC Ambassador is a volunteer role and therefore receives no compensation from CPC. Like all members, CPC Ambassadors are eligible for our member referral program. When someone you refer signs up, they enter your name in the “CPC Member Referral” field during the last step of their registration. Every time a new member enters your name, you receive a one-month extension to your membership. 

On occasion, you may agree to undertake work where you request and receive reimbursement for pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses. As CPC is a member-driven social enterprise, this is consistent for all volunteer roles.

We’re working together for YOUR success!