SDL-301 – Marketing Your Career Service Course

Marketing Your Career Service

Marketing Your Career Service (Private Practice)

SDL-301 – Self-Directed – Online Course


You are out on your own as an independent career professional, but something’s not right. Are you…

  • Waiting for the phone to ring?
  • Having trouble converting prospects to paying clients?
  • Struggling to generate revenue and build your business?

It’s time you to build a steady stream of clients and generate consistent income.

Change your entrepreneurial career practice forever!

If you are self-employed and are looking for solid techniques to attract clients, close sales, and make real money, then you’ve come to the right place. Take advantage of an in-depth marketing course for entrepreneurs serving career development in the Canadian marketplace.

Develop a functional and actionable marketing plan.

You are a career professional because you want to help people be successful in their endeavors. Now that you have a private practice, you need to be able to market your service. To effectively reach your target audience, a well-crafted and practical marketing plan is imperative.

During the course, you will work through activities that are designed to help you focus on your marketing and sales strategy. You'll learn how to engage your target audience with a finely-tuned and actionable marketing plan. You'll study a strategic marketing process and implement ideas that work for you and your client demographic. Your marketing plan will consider product, price, and promotion. You will learn about authentic and ethical trust-based relationship selling. You practice proven methods, implement working models, and take tangible steps to position yourself and your business to be profitable.

This marketing course will help you to:

  • Prepare and execute a marketing and sales plan for your small business.
  • Integrate an entrepreneurial mindset with your identity as a career professional.
  • Apply strategies that successful practitioners use to communicate their value.
  • Generate referrals to your private practice using a trust-based model.
  • Establish your sales scripts and identify ways to overcome objections.
  • Market your services, set appropriate fees, and close sales like the experts.
  • Build a steady stream of clients and generate consistent income.
  • Position yourself to earn more income through your private practice.
  • Earn 15 hours towards any Continuing Education Credits (CECs) you require.

You’re going to love this marketing program!

Career Professionals working together for career success!