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How to Craft the Best Canadian Résumé

October 15, 2021 |
A magnifying glass focusing in on what it takes to craft the best Canadian résumé

If you had asked me about résumé writing eight years ago as I was starting my career practice, I would have said that it is as much an art as it is a science. Résumé writing requires comprehensive research, forethought and strategic planning, and an ability to gather the right information. It’s all about presenting the client’s value through high-quality content, yet design and formatting are equally important if you want to catch the reader’s eye. I’d like to share what I’ve learned over the years about how to craft…

How to Employ Active Learning Strategies

October 8, 2021 |

As careerpros we often impart information to our clients through lectures, workshops, and seminars. Clients learn more when they participate in the process of learning, whether it’s through discussion, practice, review, or application. When we employ active learning strategies in our practice, clients engage, participate, and collaborate. Active learning techniques can be used in large groups and in one-on-one consulting. “Telling” is not always “teaching.” And “listening” is not always “learning.” Incorporate active learning strategies into every component of your career services. Instead of having clients memorize information, have them…

11 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

October 1, 2021 |
Grow your customer base, magnet attracting new clients

Are you thinking of starting an independent career services practice or do you have one in place now? You might worry that you may not attract enough customers to have your business generate a sustainable income. Targeted advertisements, social media posts, or word-of-mouth may be some of the most common ways to raise awareness about your practice. But, there are many other ways that can be just as — if not more — effective. To help you get started, I’ve listed 11 ways to help you grow your customer base.…

Career Development Practitioner (CDP): Gain a Competitive Edge

September 29, 2021 |
Career Development Practitioner (CDP) program image

Listening to long lectures in an overcrowded classroom is not always conducive to interactive learning, especially if you enjoy learning at your own pace using different modes of learning. At Career Professionals of Canada, you can learn online and gain support from your instructor and colleagues in a collaborative atmosphere. You can even pursue your Career Development Practitioner (CDP) designation through online courses and gain a competitive edge! My own experience with CPC’s online courses began in 2014 when I completed CPC’s Advanced Résumé Development Program because I wanted to…

Job Development: How to Establish Solid Employer Relationships

September 24, 2021 |
Establish solid employer relationships in job development, supported employment

Job development is about engaging with employers to place clients in new positions (jobs). It’s also about supporting our clients in maintaining positions they already hold. In job development, establishing solid employer relationships positions us for success as we help our clients achieve their personal and professional goals. I work as an Employment Services Coach at a not-for-profit human services agency in Calgary, Alberta. In this role, I support clients with developmental and intellectual disabilities find and maintain employment. I’d like to share some practices that have proven effective in…

Introducing CPC’s Innovation Hub: Paving the Way for Youth

September 17, 2021 |
Plan International Canada, Girls Belong Here program

For a few years now, Career Professionals of Canada has had a tradition of donating to worthy causes sponsored by Plan International Canada. Last year, we helped fund a Solar-Powered Hub. Today, we have some exciting news to share. Our relationship with Plan International Canada is about to become deeper and more “hands-on” as CPC prepares to launch an Innovation Hub as part of Plan International Canada’s Girls Belong Here program. The focus of the Innovation Hub is Paving the Way for Youth. What is an Innovation Hub? Innovation hubs…