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Wage Impacts of The Great Resignation

September 30, 2022 |
Canadian money representing the focus on employee wages during the period of The Great Resignation

Many people think of The Great Resignation as being a one-time event—albeit an extended event—that started and was fuelled by the global pandemic in early 2020. With the “end” of the pandemic slowly gaining a foothold, these same people might say that The Great Resignation is over. Yet, the truth is the trend may not be at its end just yet; instead, it will likely continue to evolve and have significant and lasting consequences. People continue to quit their jobs in huge numbers, which is forcing employers to rethink and…

How to Support Clients Re-Entering the Workforce

September 23, 2022 |
Re-entering the workforce

Whether forced or by choice, it’s not unusual for people to be out of the workforce for a year or more. There are many reasons for this situation such as starting a family, returning to school, caring for children or elders, deciding to travel, becoming seriously ill, or even being incarcerated. No matter what the reason, the good news for people choosing to re-enter the workforce is that they’re able to get support in their decision. You, as a skilled career development professional, possess the knowledge, experience, and strategic thinking…

Members Matter! Meet Rita Kamel

September 16, 2022 |
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Rita Kamel is a Career Development Practitioner (CDP), a Master Certified Career and Employment Strategist (MCCS and MCES), as well as a Certified Résumé, Interview, and Work-Life Strategist. She is a member of Career Professionals of Canada and an active volunteer for the association. As the founder of DossierPro, a career and employment consultancy, Rita is on a mission to empower professionals to lead their international career moves. She specializes in career coaching, career document development, job search strategies, interview preparation, and mindset shifts. Rita speaks English, French, and Arabic.…

September is Suicide Prevention Month: Let’s Create Hope Through Action

September 9, 2022 |
September is suicide prevention month, depicted by two friends hugging, supporting each other, offering hope.

In Canada, more than 10 people die by suicide every day. Although suicide occurs frequently, there is still a lot of stigma around suicide and efforts to prevent it. September is Suicide Prevention Month. Throughout the month, groups comprised of representatives from all sectors—workplace, health services, community, school boards, and post-secondary institutions—organize events designed to bring awareness of and provide education on the issue of suicide. WARNING! This article may trigger emotional responses. Use your self-care and mindfulness resources to sit with the contents of this post and seek help if…

Members Matter! Meet Devon Turcotte

September 2, 2022 |
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Devon Turcotte (she/her) is a career advisor and the owner of careerified, where she focuses on helping Gen Z and young millennials gain career clarity and craft actionable steps so they can build meaningful careers that have an impact. Devon’s draw to the career development field is rooted in the connection between mental health and youth career decisions. She is a fierce advocate for lifelong learning and believes that there is always an alternate route to success. An “Islander by choice,” Devon moved from southern Ontario to Prince Edward Island…

Congratulations to our 2022 Awards of Excellence Recipients!

August 28, 2022 |
Awards of Excellence Program, Award Recipients

It is my pleasure to announce Career Professionals of Canada’s 2022 Awards of Excellence Program recipients. I’d like to offer special thanks to our 2022 team of judges who were presented with the difficult challenge of selecting the winners, honourable mentions, and nominees this year — this was not an easy task! With our new guidelines in place for the 2022 awards program, the bar was raised. Still, the competition proved rigorous as we received 46 submissions to evaluate. CPC’s membership comprises some of the very best in our profession.…