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Turn networking connections into meaningful relationships

Turn Networking Connections into Meaningful Relationships

Recently I was looking through the CPC calendar of upcoming events and the topic of the April tele-networking session caught my eye: How can CPC members turn long-distance networking into real relationships? Networking is something I am passionate about, both in the work I do with clients and personally. I enjoy coaching on new strategies…
CERIC Publication Mental Health Guide

Strengthening Mental Health Through Effective Career Development: A Practitioner’s Guide

In the wake of a global mental health movement, career development practitioners now have a new resource to help them understand how career development interventions support positive mental health. Strengthening Mental Health Through Effective Career Development: A Practitioner’s Guide – written by Dave Redekopp and Michael Huston of Life-Role Development Group Ltd. and published by…
Job Search Ghosting

Ghosting During a Job Search: How to Help Clients

It happens to many. You reach out to someone and you are awaiting a response. The response doesn’t come and suddenly you realize that your email has gone into cyberspace. This is often due to a common phenomenon — ghosting. Ghosting happens when someone ends a relationship without communicating officially that it’s over. And, this doesn’t…

Get Ready for the New CDP Competency Framework and National Certification

The new CDP Competency Framework and National Certification Program is well underway. The “CDP Competence Project” is led by the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF) in partnership with the Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD) and working closely with career development stakeholders across Canada. Emerit Consulting has also been an invaluable partner in providing subject…

Career Practitioners: Know Your Value and Charge What You Deserve

Self-employment is both challenging and rewarding, and for career practitioners who, like me, make the giant leap to start our own private practice, setting fees for our services can be a struggle. We have this fear of charging too low because we are just starting out or charging too high because we are comparing our…

T.O.T.E. Your Way to Greater Success!

Did you know that Thomas Edison’s most famous creation went through several thousand changes before it worked to his satisfaction? That’s right. His goal: To create an incandescent lightbulb that worked perfectly. His strategy: He demonstrated great perseverance in order to reach his goal. He saw each failed attempt as a lesson learned as he…