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Job Development: Tips for the Holiday Season and Beyond

December 3, 2021 |
Holiday season decoration with lights and greenery

Job development is about engaging with employers to create opportunities for our clients. I’ve worked for many years in not-for-profit employment services where I support clients of all abilities. It is my role to connect with employers and get jobs for my clients. Now that the holiday season is upon us, I’m reminded that it’s time to lay the groundwork for a successful 2022. I would like to share some job development tips for the holiday season and beyond. These tactics have worked for me and, more importantly, to the…

10 Tips for Supporting Clients in Career Transition During the Holidays

December 1, 2021 |
Career transition during the holidays

The autumn season is coming to a close and the holidays are just around the corner. For clients in career transition, especially those facing unemployment, the holidays can be challenging. As career professionals, we can champion our clients to make the most of the holidays by thinking purposefully and positively — and taking initiative. Here are 10 tips for supporting your career-transitioning clients during the holidays: 1. Encourage your client to see every chance event as a ripe opportunity for success. Whether it is an informal or formal gathering, or a…

3 Ways I Overcame My Fear of Failure

November 26, 2021 |
Image of a man overcoming fear of failure by leaping over it

November is Canada Career Month. This year, the theme is it’s possible. This month, CPC’s News Feed has been featuring a series of posts that builds on that theme. We believe it’s possible to create a bright future. New CPC member Ramona Karimi tells us how she’s creating a bright future for herself — she not only overcame her fear of failure, but embraces each new failure as an opportunity for learning and growth. Failure was something I ran away from my entire life. Even in early childhood, I would not…

Careerpreneurial Strategies for Career Success

November 22, 2021 |
Careerpreneurial strategies for success

It is overwhelmingly evident that the permanent job, for the most part, is extinct. Working Canadians rarely stay at the same company for any great length of time. In order to succeed in the workplace, rather than relying on others, job seekers must take a much more proactive position in creating their own future as “independent agents.” What this means is that Canadians need to adopt careerpreneurial strategies to become entrepreneurs who craft their own career direction. Canadians who keep a constant eye out for emerging and growing opportunities and embrace ongoing professional…

Let’s Promote the Value of Career Development

November 21, 2021 |

As career professionals, we know the significance of career development. Properly applied, it enables our clients to make informed educational, occupational, and employment choices. However, most Canadians do not know what “career development” is. They don’t realize that there are benefits to creating and managing their own careers. For this reason, they often do not engage in the process, nor even realize that they should. Why We Engage Our Clients in Career Development As career coaches, consultants, trainers, and counsellors, we have something in common. We are part of an…

Now Hiring: CPC MARKETING MANAGER | Part-Time Contract

November 20, 2021 |
CPC Career Development

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Career Professionals of Canada is growing! We have created a new position to drive marketing and sales of membership, courses, and certification. CPC MARKETING MANAGER | PT Contract | JOB POSTING The primary responsibility for this part-time, contract role is inside sales. The marketing manager is required to: Sell membership, courses, and certification to prospects. Employ effective sales strategies to convert prospects. Identify and develop new channels for recruiting members across the country. Establish and manage innovative outreach activities. Proactively implement and manage engagement strategies to grow…