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How to Craft the Best Canadian Résumé

October 15, 2021 |
A magnifying glass focusing in on what it takes to craft the best Canadian résumé

If you had asked me about résumé writing eight years ago as I was starting my career practice, I would have said that it is as much an art as it is a science. Résumé writing requires comprehensive research, forethought and strategic planning, and an ability to gather the right information. It’s all about presenting the client’s value through high-quality content, yet design and formatting are equally important if you want to catch the reader’s eye. I’d like to share what I’ve learned over the years about how to craft…

How to Employ Active Learning Strategies

October 8, 2021 |

As careerpros we often impart information to our clients through lectures, workshops, and seminars. Clients learn more when they participate in the process of learning, whether it’s through discussion, practice, review, or application. When we employ active learning strategies in our practice, clients engage, participate, and collaborate. Active learning techniques can be used in large groups and in one-on-one consulting. “Telling” is not always “teaching.” And “listening” is not always “learning.” Incorporate active learning strategies into every component of your career services. Instead of having clients memorize information, have them…

11 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

October 1, 2021 |
Grow your customer base, magnet attracting new clients

Are you thinking of starting an independent career services practice or do you have one in place now? You might worry that you may not attract enough customers to have your business generate a sustainable income. Targeted advertisements, social media posts, or word-of-mouth may be some of the most common ways to raise awareness about your practice. But, there are many other ways that can be just as — if not more — effective. To help you get started, I’ve listed 11 ways to help you grow your customer base.…

Top Tips for Résumé Writing and Editing

September 10, 2021 |
Top tips for résumé writing and editing

Ernest Hemingway is misquoted to have said “write drunk, edit sober.” In fact, it’s believed that the quote actually originated with American editor and writer, Peter De Vries. If there’s any value to this idea, it’s that your writing can be fast, but editing has to be slow and careful. As a résumé writer, you may have been following your employer’s style sheet or have created your own. As a writer and copyeditor, I’ve developed tactics and strategies that work to make my clients’ documents effective and readable. In this…

CPC Membership: A High Return on Investment

September 1, 2021 |
Career Professionals of Canada

There is a reason why Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) has grown its membership by 208 (to a total of 802) since this time last year! Read on to learn why CPC membership delivers a high return on investment.  Career Professionals of Canada attracts professionals from coast to coast to coast. Are you a current member? If not, we encourage you to learn more about the enormous benefits that this member-run, volunteer-driven social enterprise offers career pros. A variety of programs and services brings people together from all sectors of the…

Working as a Career Professional in a Difficult Country

August 20, 2021 |
Working as a career professional in a difficult country, young woman holds up a peace sign during a public demonstration/protest

No two countries present the same opportunities or challenges for their citizens. Some are advanced in terms of infrastructure, public access to information, and societal welfare systems. Other countries do little to create an environment that supports economic prosperity and social stability. Working as a career professional in one of the latter countries adds an extra layer of challenge to the work we do. Let me describe what it’s like to work as a career professional in a difficult country. What is a difficult country? I define a country as…