How to Help Clients Deal With Nepotism in the Workplace

September 22, 2023 |
Image depicting someone jumping to "the head of the line," indicating that nepotism is at play in the workplace.

Have you ever worked for a company where relatives or close friends were treated much differently than staff who had no connection to management? If so, you can probably relate to your clients when they talk about nepotism; career-related favouritism based on an employee’s relationship to those in power at a company. Whether during the hiring process or in day-to-day work life, those with some relationship are often given preferential treatment. Nepotism is often not taken as seriously as it should be. Its practice can impinge on a firm’s ethics.…

Marketing Your Career Service

September 15, 2023 |
Marketing your career service, studying data analytics

In 2020, I made the career transition from corporate recruitment to independent career service provider. I had been a recruiter for 15 years and decided it was time to make a move. At the time, all my social media and online presence was entirely centred around being a recruiter. Having a master’s degree in business, and a specialization in marketing, it didn’t take me long to realize that, without a solid plan, I was heading toward failure. Re-inventing myself and deciding how I would present myself to the world needed…

Key Skills Needed in Job Development

September 8, 2023 |
To be successful as a job developer, and create opportunities for clients, there are key skills required.

Job development is a distinct and specialized role in the realm of career development. Career professionals who perform the important work of job development have a specific set of qualifications, skills, and qualities. In our current labour market, Job Developers are in demand and their unique skillset is held in high regard. Read on to learn about what Job Developers do and the key skills they need to be successful in the role. What is Job Development? Job development is about connecting with employers to create work opportunities and place…

Top Skills Required in Case Management

August 18, 2023 |
Case manager and client shaking hands. Case management skills form the basis of effective outcomes and a successful relationship

In the world of career development, we all perform the role of case manager to one degree or another. Career practitioners play an important role in helping individuals navigate their career paths, make informed decisions, and achieve their professional goals. When we work with clients to assess their skills, interests, and goals, and then provide guidance, resources, and support, it’s vital that a record of their progress be documented. In fact, there are many diverse skills required to be a good case manager. Read on to learn about the top…

Embracing the Future of Learning: The Power of Self-Directed Education

August 11, 2023 |
Self-directed learning

In our rapidly evolving world of work, the future of learning is undergoing a profound transformation. Traditional educational models are gradually giving way to a more personalized and empowering approach: self-directed education. This dynamic method puts you in control of your own educational journey, allowing you to shape your learning experiences according to your unique needs, interests, and aspirations. Let’s delve into the remarkable potential of self-directed education and explore how it’s reshaping the future of learning. What is self-directed learning? In self-directed learning, you take charge of your own…

Take Charge of Your Career Development: Instructor-Led & Self-Directed Online Courses

August 4, 2023 |
Online learning from the comfort of home is a cost-effective way to acquire skills and knowledge.

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) understands the importance of empowering individuals to take charge of their learning journey. As a result, we offer two powerful avenues for growth — Instructor-Led Online Courses and Self-Directed On-Demand Courses. Online courses offered by CPC are the most budget-friendly option to acquire valuable knowledge within the career development sector. This affordability, coupled with high-quality content and flexible learning choices, makes CPC courses the top choice for career professionals seeking to advance their own career development without compromising on the quality of education. Online Learning…