Be the Interview Coach Who Makes Clients Smile

February 27, 2024 |
Be the interview coach who makes clients smile.

Do you want to be the interview coach that clients brag about? Would you like to be known as the go-to interview expert your clients refer their friends and colleagues to? I recently talked to a friend who, two full years after landing a job, is still enthusiastically and gratefully talking about how she could not have succeeded were it not for her skilled and empathetic interview coach. I gathered a few client testimonials from other interview coaches. Interview coaches typically LOVE their work because it yields such tangible results…

Free Digital Literacy Resources: ABC Life Literacy Canada’s ABC Connect for Learning Program

February 14, 2024 |
ABC Connect for Learning logo

ABC Life Literacy Canada is a national charitable organization that champions literacy by empowering adult learners, raising awareness, and supporting the adult learning sector. The organization develops and supports the use of foundational learning materials and helps to build the capacity of the sector by convening and connecting the adult literacy community and advocating for skills programming. ABC Life Literacy Canada envisions a Canada where everyone has the skills and opportunities to fully participate in learning, life, and work. ABC Connect for Learning offers free digital literacy programming ABC Connect…

All New CPC Programs – 2024 Courses, Certifications, and eGuides!

December 22, 2023 |
CPC online courses better than ever

Career Professionals of Canada is leading the way again! In 2024, all our eGuides, online courses, and certifications will be better than ever! New CPC eGuides! Career Professionals of Canada’s eGuides are now more robust and comprehensive. These are must-have resources for any career professional: The Canadian Career Strategist, 192 pages. The Canadian Work-Life Strategist, 220 pages. The Canadian Interview Strategist, 152 pages. The Canadian Employment Strategist, 158 pages. The Canadian Résumé Strategist, 146 pages. If you currently have a CPC certification, or are in the process of being certified, log in to…

Let’s Show Some Personality on Résumés

November 10, 2023 |
To show personality in client résumés, remember that words have power

Recently, a good friend of mine was transitioned out from her long-time corporate employer. Collaborating with her outplacement consultant, my friend created and polished up a new résumé. She then sent it to me and asked what I thought. The new résumé was pretty good, but something didn’t sit right with me, even after reading it over several times. For a couple of days, I tried to figure out why it left me feeling “blah.” Then it struck me. The résumé is BORING. My friend is brilliant, funny, and very…

Take Charge of Your Career Development: Instructor-Led & Self-Directed Online Courses

September 29, 2023 |
Online learning from the comfort of home is a cost-effective way to acquire skills and knowledge.

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) understands the importance of empowering individuals to take charge of their learning journey. As a result, we offer two powerful avenues for growth — Instructor-Led Online Courses and Self-Directed On-Demand Courses. Online courses offered by CPC are the most budget-friendly option to acquire valuable knowledge within the career development sector. This affordability, coupled with high-quality content and flexible learning choices, makes CPC courses the top choice for career professionals seeking to advance their own career development without compromising on the quality of education. Online Learning…

Key Skills Needed in Job Development

September 8, 2023 |
To be successful as a job developer, and create opportunities for clients, there are key skills required.

Job development is a distinct and specialized role in the realm of career development. Career professionals who perform the important work of job development have a specific set of qualifications, skills, and qualities. In our current labour market, Job Developers are in demand and their unique skillset is held in high regard. Read on to learn about what Job Developers do and the key skills they need to be successful in the role. What is Job Development? Job development is about connecting with employers to create work opportunities and place…