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3 Ways I Overcame My Fear of Failure

November 26, 2021 |
Image of a man overcoming fear of failure by leaping over it

November is Canada Career Month. This year, the theme is it’s possible. This month, CPC’s News Feed has been featuring a series of posts that builds on that theme. We believe it’s possible to create a bright future. New CPC member Ramona Karimi tells us how she’s creating a bright future for herself — she not only overcame her fear of failure, but embraces each new failure as an opportunity for learning and growth. Failure was something I ran away from my entire life. Even in early childhood, I would not…

Emerging From the Storm of Grief

November 5, 2021 |
Emerging from the storm of grief, hands lifted to the sun

November is Canada Career Month. This year, the theme is it’s possible. This coming month, CPC’s News Feed will feature a series of posts that builds on that theme. We believe it’s possible to create a bright future. Teagan shares her story of resilience to let us know it’s possible to emerge from the storm of grief and rediscover hope. Less than three weeks into the start of my first full-time job, my father tragically passed away due to COVID-19. As a newly-hired career professional, I felt lost. I was not sure…

Feeling SAFE to be Different

October 28, 2021 |
Feeling SAFE to be different

Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) is coming to a close. Last year I questioned if our clients should “dare to declare.” The pandemic may have forever shifted the stigma of a hidden disability as mental health is on the rise and workplaces are now focusing attention on creating psychologically safe work environments. There is a growing need for all employees to feel SAFE in their work environments. Physical safety is a new area of concern to most people as we slowly emerge from a global pandemic. For many, this also…

Working as a Career Professional in a Difficult Country

August 20, 2021 |
Working as a career professional in a difficult country, young woman holds up a peace sign during a public demonstration/protest

No two countries present the same opportunities or challenges for their citizens. Some are advanced in terms of infrastructure, public access to information, and societal welfare systems. Other countries do little to create an environment that supports economic prosperity and social stability. Working as a career professional in one of the latter countries adds an extra layer of challenge to the work we do. Let me describe what it’s like to work as a career professional in a difficult country. What is a difficult country? I define a country as…

What is a Work-Life Coach?

May 14, 2021 |
Work-Life Coach, move forward to the next level

A “work-life coach” supports clients in a variety of areas of life, creating synergies between living, learning, and working. The areas work-life coaches offer support in encompass self-care and well-being, life-skills and emotional intelligence, and career development and maintenance. A passage from CPC’s The Canadian Work-Life Strategist, CPC’s Certified Work-Life Strategist eGuide made an impact on me and has stayed in my mind. “Myth: Work and life are separate issues, needing either a career coach or a life coach. Truth: More and more, career development professionals are called on to…

Instead of Work-Life Balance, Learn to Live a Blended Life

May 12, 2021 |
Blend work and life

Many career practitioners struggle to find a balance between their family and their career. Yikes! Even as I write that sentence, I cringe. What is this elusive “balance” that people refer to? Instead of balance, I have learned to live a “blended” life. In his book Who’s Got Your Back, author Keith Ferrazzi writes about the idea of living a blended life, not a balanced one. “The elements you see in [your life] aren’t individual territories or fiefdoms. They should, and will, overlap!” This got me thinking about how often I…