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7 Tips for Navigating Career Development Theory in 2021 and Beyond

June 18, 2021 |
Navigating career development theory

How can we make sense of career development theory as it applies today? Globalization along with fast-paced developments in science, engineering, information technology, and communication affect the labour market. These trends call us to constantly adapt and reinvent ourselves. As career development practitioners, it is important to be aware of the strengths and limitations of the theories, models, and approaches we use. Our goal is to identify strategies that will optimally support our clients in a holistic way. We would like to share our 7 tips for navigating career development theory in…

21 Job Search Tips and Trends for 2021

June 11, 2021 |
Job search tips and trends

I love trend research because without it we wouldn’t have a clue about where the world is going. As career practitioners, if we don’t know where things are going, we run the risk of sharing outdated information with our clients, leaving them improperly equipped to compete in the marketplace. We need to keep current — especially in the rapidly changing world of work — and be aware of emerging trends so we can position our clients to act quickly and effectively when desired opportunities roll around. At the same time, let’s…

How to Build Strong Relationships While Working Remotely

May 28, 2021 |
Build strong relationships working remotely

Since the start of the pandemic, career practitioners from educational institutions, non-profit employment services, and other sectors have joined their independent colleagues in working virtually. Even after adapting to the technology, many find it difficult to communicate effectively with others they haven’t met in person. If you can relate, the highlights of a conference session I attended some years ago may be helpful. In “Introduction to Working Remotely – Leading and Working in Virtual Teams,” Susan Gerke explored the issues that can surface when working remotely, how personality type relates to remote…

Supported Employment: Strategies for Successful Placements

March 26, 2021 |
Supported Employment

Many organizations are working toward diversity and inclusion in the workplace by hiring people with disabilities. Supported employment is about employment service coaches — like me — providing on-site and ongoing supports to clients and their employers to ensure successful placements. In my role at a not-for-profit agency in Calgary, Alberta, I support clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they pursue their goal of securing employment. I am often asked by employers and other career development professionals about what it takes to guide clients through the transition from acceptance…

Yoga – A Secret for Relieving Job Search Stress

February 3, 2021 |
alleviate job search stress with yoga

I recently worked with a client who landed an exciting entry-level engineering role with a growing and innovative company in Halton, Ontario. During our coaching sessions, he had asked for help in managing the stress he was feeling as a result of the job search process. Along with thoroughly dedicating himself to interview practice and preparation, and remaining optimistic, I suggested a wellness practice that has been instrumental in relieving my own stress: yoga. The Plentiful Benefits of Yoga I discovered yoga several years ago as a way to de-stress and…

Work-Life Balance Primer

October 19, 2020 |

Work-life balance is important to career development in many ways — for careerpros and our clients. Here are three self-help articles that are sure to stimulate thought on how you can work towards gaining balance between your personal and professional lives. Personal Time: How To Regain Balance In Your Life Overview: Helps people to evaluate what is important to them and then how to use the time available accordingly. There are no simple answers to these questions. From an evaluation perspective, it would be possible to use this with individuals in career…