Certified Career Strategist (CCS) Credential

Certified Career Strategist (CCS)

Canadian Career Certification – Excellence in Career Strategy

The Certified Career Strategist (CCS)

The Certified Career Strategist (CCS) credential enhances your credibility and visibility as a career development professional. It is ideal for career development practitioners, career development professionals, and other career service providers.

Earn YOUR Certified Career Strategist (CCS) Credential NOW!

This program is open to all career development practitioners, employment consultants, and career professionals who serve the Canadian labour market. If you provide clients with strategic career development advice, you are a potential candidate for the Certified Career Strategist (CCS) credential.

We are a welcoming and inclusive community. If you are starting out in the profession and would like to earn your CCS, start with the Career Development Foundations Course.

Once you attain your CCS you can add the credential next to your name. You can include the CCS logo on your résumé, business card, website, and anywhere you want to gain additional visibility as an expert and specialist in the field.

You can use your CCS to:

  • Advertise your expertise and market your services.
  • Show additional value to employers and clients.
  • Feature your credentials on your own résumé.

Watch our CPC Certification Information Session video to learn more about attaining your designations.

Earn YOUR Certified Career Strategist (CCS) Credential NOW!