Certified Employment Strategist (CES) Credential

CES credential - Certified Employment Strategist
 Canadian Employment Certification – Excellence in Employment Strategy

The Certified Employment Strategist (CES)

The Certified Employment Strategist (CES) credential enhances your credibility and visibility as a career transition professional providing employment or job search services. It is ideal for employment consultants, outplacement providers, and other career transition professionals.

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Am I a candidate for the CES Credential?
Who recognizes the CES Credential?
How can I use my CES ?
How do I gain my CES credential?
How do I prepare for my CES Credential?
How do I start the process?

Am I a candidate for the CES Credential?

This program is open to all employment consultants, job search coaches, career coaches, and other career transition practitioners who serve the Canadian labour market. If you provide clients with strategic employment, job search, or career transition advice, you are a potential candidate for the Certified Employment Strategist (CES) credential.

Who recognizes the CES Credential?

The CES is the only Canadian standard for validating the expertise of employment consultants and other career professionals providing employment, job search, and career transition advice. The CES certification was designed by Career Professionals of Canada and validated by an independent group of industry leaders in academia and providers of career services.

  • The CES is recognized by Canadian career service providers in government, academic, not-for-profit, outplacement, and private business.
  • The CES gives clients confidence that they are working with a credentialed practitioner.
  • Canadian funding organizations recognize and support the CES for their approved service providers.

How can I use my CES?

Once you attain your CES you can add the credential next to your name. You can include the CES logo on your resume, business card, website, and anywhere you want to gain additional visibility as an expert and specialist in the field.

  • Career coaches, resume writers, and other career transition practitioners, use this credential to advertise and market their services.
  • Employment consultants and outplacement consultants attain the CES to show additional value to employers and clients.
  • Career professionals in transition attain the CES to build their expertise and feature their credentials on their own resume.

How do I gain my CES credential?

In order to apply for and attain your certification, you must be a registered PROFESSIONAL MEMBER of CPC. If you are not already a Professional Member, you can join membership and register for your certification at the same time.

  • Register for Professional Membership with Career Professionals of Canada.
  • Apply for your Certified Employment Strategist (CES) Certification.
  • Submit a client case study along with a release email from your client within one year of application.
  • Pass the Testing Process, which is an evaluation of competencies featured within your case study.

How do I prepare for my CES Credential?

The CES Program is a self-study program. To prepare for your certification, you will be given a comprehensive 160+ page Certification Study Guide (e-book). This guide is a valuable resource. It thoroughly discusses current concepts and strategies to empower you to work effectively with your clients. By following this guide, you will learn how and when to apply various techniques to enable your clients to succeed in their employment careers. The knowledge you will acquire by studying this guide will be an asset throughout your career.


Letter of IntroductionCanadian Employment Strategist
The Importance of Ethics
Recommended Reading Resources
The CPC Certification Process

Part 1 – Employment Foundation
Chapter 1 – The Employment Strategist
Chapter 2 – Career Transition Essentials
Chapter 3 – Labour Market Information
Chapter 4 – Canadian Legislation

Part 2- Employment Fundamentals
Chapter 5 – Stress Management
Chapter 6 – Self Discovery & Inner Reflection
Chapter 7 – Value Proposition & Career Branding

Part 3 – Job Search Essentials
Chapter 8 – Job Search Execution
Chapter 9 – Resume & Portfolio Development
Chapter 10 – Employment Interviewing

Part 4 – Transition Support
Chapter 11 – Reputation Management
Chapter 12 – Social Media & Networking
Chapter 13 – Leveraging Technologies

Part 5 – Certification
Chapter 14 – CES Testing Process
Chapter 15 – MEIS Testing Process

How do I start the process?

To start the CES all you need to do is:

  • Register for CPC Membership
  • Apply for your CES Certification



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