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If you provide clients with strategic résumé writing or coaching services, you are a potential candidate for the Certified Résumé Strategist (CRS) credential. This eGuide is a key resource for résumé writers and employment practitioners across Canada.

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The Canadian Résumé Strategist 2023 (10th) Edition | Author: Sharon Graham | Publisher: Career Professionals of Canada | Format: PDF eBook

The Canadian Résumé Strategist is a valuable textbook used by résumé writers across Canada.

The Canadian Résumé Strategist is a comprehensive 146-page Certification Study Guide (e-book). This valuable resource thoroughly discusses current concepts and strategies to empower you to provide strategic résumé development and support services.

  • Validate your expertise in strategic résumé writing.
  • Boost your credibility within the Canadian market and internationally.
  • Enhance the value you provide to your clients.
  • Exhibit your knowledge of the current trends in résumé writing.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to continued professional development.

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) is committed to setting the Canadian standard for excellence in résumé writing. The Canadian Résumé Strategist is a required resource for CPC’s Certified Résumé  Strategist (CRS) self-study program. The Certified Résumé Strategist (CRS) and Master Certified Résumé Strategist (MCRS) designations enhance your credibility and visibility as a résumé writer and strategist. If you provide clients with résumé writing or strategic résumé advice, you are a potential candidate for the CRS credential.


Code of Professional Conduct
The CPC Certification Process

Part 1 — Résumé Strategy

Chapter 1 – Résumé Marketing
Chapter 2 – Résumé Planning
Chapter 3 – Value Proposition
Chapter 4 – Strategic Application

Part 2 — Résumé Mechanics

Chapter 5 – Résumé Fundamentals
Chapter 6 – Employment History
Chapter 7 – Supplementary Components
Chapter 8 – Spelling and Grammar

Part 3 — Résumé Design

Chapter 9 – Creative Formatting
Chapter 10 – Technology-Optimized Résumés
Chapter 11 – Résumé Innovations

Part 4 – Supporting Documents

Chapter 12 – Cover Letter Strategy
Chapter 13 – Supplementary Documents

Part 5 – Certification

Chapter 14 – CRS Course-Based Process
Chapter 15 – CRS Competency-Based Process
Chapter 16 – MCRS Testing Process


Appendix A – High Impact Action Verbs
Appendix B – Keywords and Key Phrases

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Let THE CANADIAN RÉSUMÉ STRATEGIST be your key resource!

The Canadian Résumé Strategist | Sharon Graham | Career Professionals of Canada | PDF eBook