SDL-201 – Résumé Writing Essentials Course

Resume Writing Essentials

Résumé Writing Essentials Course

SDL-201 – Self-Directed – Online Course


A lot has changed in résumé writing. You can’t just use templates anymore. Today’s résumés are strategic. They address each client’s unique Value Proposition, barriers, and obstacles.

If you haven’t attended any résumé training in a while, then you need to get up to speed. We’ll address a range of elimination factors to ensure that your client’s résumé meets today’s industry standards. We’ll tackle many barriers to employment and uncover ethical and reliable ways to address them. You will learn to provide custom résumé support services to each client based on the individual’s background, objectives, and needs.

Actively develop your strategic résumé writing competency.

This course is designed to upgrade your résumé writing skills and enable you to apply current theories, concepts, and measures in your work with clients. If you are serious about advancing your strategic résumé competency for real-world challenges, you will discover that this course is designed to help you achieve your goal!

Are you ready to take your résumé writing abilities to the next level?

This program helps you in the following ways:

  • Boost your expertise in strategic résumé development.
  • Learn to develop a unique Value Proposition for every client.
  • Learn how to extinguish factors that eliminate résumés.
  • Identify new ways to extract accomplishments and achievements.
  • Acquire many strategies to address client barriers to employment.
  • Position yourself to earn more as one of the top résumé writers in Canada.
  • Earn 15 hours towards any Continuing Education Credits (CECs) you require.

Get valuable resource material that you will use again and again.

As part of this dynamic workshop, you will gain practical experience through examples and application. You will receive a comprehensive workbook and many resources. You will see many sample documents from the newest edition of the Best Canadian Résumés paperback book authored by Sharon Graham. Boost your confidence and competency in résumé writing mechanics and help your clients produce strategic résumés for our real-world.

Ready yourself for the next step in your strategic résumé writing career.

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