Volunteering at CPC

Volunteer your Services – Give Back to CPC

Career Professionals of Canada is a social enterprise with a strong and committed volunteer network.

Getting involved as a CPC volunteer is personally and professionally rewarding. You’ll build deep relationships with your colleagues, advance your own professional development, and contribute directly to the advancement of our services and programs.

Build Your Credibility as a Canadian Career Practitioner and a Leader in our Field

A volunteer position with CPC is an excellent opportunity to “give back” to your community while you are building your own credibility as a career professional and a leader in your field.

Your commitment as a volunteer with the organization requires only a little of your time each month — the number of hours are flexible and entirely dependent upon your availability.

Career Professionals of Canada’s mission is to inspire and enable practitioners across Canada in advancing their career, business, and professional development goals.

Volunteer Program Goals:

  • Provide information and increase awareness of CPC in all parts of Canada.
  • Promote CPC initiatives, services, programs, and membership.
  • Provide support to members and potential members.
  • Increase the membership base and the number of individual members.
  • Increase member participation and attendance in CPC initiatives and events.
  • Assist in building a stronger CPC network and connections between members.
Felisha Ali Best Headshot Photo

I was fortunate enough to volunteer as part of the Communications and Ambassador teams. CPC values my input, makes me feel part of the team, and recognizes my talent. For these reasons, I am grateful.

Felisha Ali, CDP, CTDP
Learning & Development Specialist, Leadership and Employee Development, Seneca College
Stephanie Clark

I have served as an editor of our Career Connections newsletter and an assessor of submissions for Career Professionals of Canada’s certified resume, interview, and career strategist programs. Volunteer opportunities match diverse interests and time constraints. Why do it? It simply feels good to contribute to, and serve a growing community of Canadian career practitioners!

Stephanie Clark
New Leaf Resumes

My volunteer activity with CPC has done more to benefit me than the organization itself. As a member on the Certified Resume Strategist assessment team, I enjoyed an incredible learning and collaborating experience. By assessing the content of resumes submitted for certification I see others’ approaches to resume writing and content selection.

If you are debating whether to get more involved, remember that you can feature your volunteer activities in your business signature, and in online and other marketing material – something that augments your credibility.

Lynda Margaret
Added Value Resumes

I became a professional through my volunteer activities on this site, which has led to me taking a more active role in my own office. I have become more recognized as a go-to person, largely because I have taken on roles outside the office and am more confident in my own worth. I have also taken more “risks” than I would have otherwise, such as contributing articles to other sites, starting discussions IRL and online around best practices and developing my own tools to bring to the team.

Michael S. Thompson
Career Information and Employment Specialist, Surrey Youth Job Search Program
Daisy Wright

When most people talk about volunteering, they look at it from the perspective of ‘giving back’ to a community, but in my case it’s what I continue to get from the experience.

As one of the 12 founding members of CPC, I was eager to take on a volunteer role and see the organization succeed. I soon realized that it did not have to be a big role, and did not require a lot of my time. In doing so, I did not know that my small efforts would have given me several business connections and the opportunity to be awarded CPC’s Outstanding Canadian Career Leader.

Being a member of CPC is a step in the right direction, but volunteering in some capacity will give you and your business a higher level of visibility and credibility.

Daisy Wright
The Wright Career Solution

Your participation as a volunteer within Career Professionals of Canada will be recognized appropriately in each area. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, please contact us and tell us how you would like to get involved.