Annual Report

Career Professionals of Canada's mission is to inspire you by providing the support and tools you need to advance your career, business, and professional development goals.

2020 Annual Report

Since 2004

CPC Connected

10000+ Connected Monthly

We've connected thousands of job seekers and workers with qualified careerpros through our website and member directory.

CPC Newsletters

800+ Newsletters Issued

We've provided careerpros across Canada with current career, interview, employment, résumé, lifeskills, and wellness information.

CPC CareerPros Supported

1500+ CareerPros Supported

We've provided training and support to new and experienced career professionals from all sectors and regions across Canada.

CPC Online Events

500+ Events Run

We've run hundreds of courses, programs, video conferences, online conferences, webinars and other events.

CPC Article Ideas

1000+ Articles Published

We've written and published articles with pertinent news, current information, and helpful tips related to our profession.

CPC Award Winner

100+ Awards Given

We've recognized careerpros for their experience, talents, and reputations through our Awards of Excellence program.

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