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Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) is setting the Canadian standard for excellence in our field. The CPCs Certification Program validates and recognizes the expertise of Canadian career practitioners in four competency areas – resume, interview, employment, and career strategy.

The CPC Certification Team is accountable for overseeing the CPC Certification Program. Certification Assessors evaluate the work product submitted by practitioners. They review, assess, and mark submissions and make their recommendations for conferring the Certified Resume Strategist (CRS), Certified Interview Strategist (CIS), Certified Employment Strategist (CES), and Certified Career Strategist (CCS) designations to successful practitioners.

CPC Certification Program Leads

  • Gabrielle LeClair, MCRS (Certification Chair)
  • Sharon Graham, MCRS (Certification Program Developer & Assessment Facilitator)

Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) Assessors

CPC's first Certification team at the home of Founder, Sharon Graham

CPC’s first Certification Committee at the home of Founder, Sharon Graham

  • Adrienne Tom, MCRS
  • Jennifer Miller, CRS
  • Kathy Weston, CRS
  • Lita Pitruzzello, CRS
  • Maureen McCann, MCRS
  • Nadia Qasmieh, CRS
  • Patricia Watson, CRS
  • Skye Berry-Burke, CRS
  • Wayne Pagani, MCRS

Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) Assessors

  • Maureen McCann, MCIS
  • Skye Berry-Burke, CIS
  • Wayne Pagani, MCRS

Certified Career Strategist (CCS) Assessors

  • Adrienne Tom, CCS
  • June Cho, CCS
  • Maureen McCann, MCCS
  • Wayne Pagani, MCRS

Certified Employment Strategist (CES) Assessors

  • Adrienne Tom, CES
  • Maureen McCann, MCES
  • Skye Berry-Burke, CES
  • Wayne Pagani, MCRS

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Job Description

CPC Certification Assessor

Have you achieved your certification?

If you have your CRS, CISCES, or CCS designation, and have received a mark of 80% or above on both parts of the testing process, volunteering as a CPC Certification Assessor is an excellent way to demonstrate your subject matter expertise.


  • Build your competency in your area(s) of expertise (CRS, CIS, CES, CCS.)
  • Hone your assessment, creative thinking, and decision making skills.
  • Help develop the skills and expertise of your colleagues in the field.
  • Deepen your relationship with other CPC Certification Advisors.
  • Build your own credibility as an expert and thought leader in the field.
  • Work from home at your convenience and on your schedule.
  • Gain satisfaction by contributing to the growth of CPC’s Certification Program.

Time Commitment

1-2 hours per month. The time commitment required for this role is flexible depending upon the number of submissions received.


  • Review and assess sample documents and/or case studies a few times a month.
  • Mark the work of your colleagues applying for certification.
  • Provide input on areas for improvement (certification program and process).
  • Work with the team to evaluate and improve certification eGuides as required.
  • Meet with CPC Certification Assessment Team to provide input by conference call twice yearly.

Learn about CPC Certification | Become a CPC Certification Assessor

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