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Professional Members of Career Professionals of Canada have access to a rich source of information and support through our Career Club, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These forums provide members with a place to share information and support.

CPC’s vision is one of collaboration and co-creation. Our objective is to bring our members together as part of a caring and sharing community of Career Professionals.


Our culture is inclusive, where all attendees are comfortable and empowered to participate actively at their level in their own career journey. A successful forum is one where all participants feel that they were able to effectively network, share, and grow through an interactive learning experience.

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Social Media Team Lead

CPC Advisor, Social Media Program Lead
Career Impressions

Facebook Team

  • Michelle Slywka (Facebook Lead)
  • Christine Cristiano (Resources Lead)
  • Conny Lee
  • Anita Connolly
  • Karine Touloumjian
  • Marian Bernard

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LinkedIn Team

  • Michelle Precourt (LinkedIn Lead)
  • Andy Senko
  • Busola Oghumu
  • Jaymie Nelson
  • Michelle Slywka
  • Samantha Sharkov
  • Ying Zhang

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Twitter Team

  • Daisy Wright (Twitter Lead)
  • Ali Breen
  • Christine Cristiano
  • Holly Hagan
  • Patricia Watson


Become a Social Media Facilitator

Are you active on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media sites?

ATTENTION: CALL FOR SOCIAL MEDIA ENTHUSIASTS. Due to the rapid growth of CPC’s Facebook Group and LinkedIn Group, our social media team is expanding. We are currently looking for team members who are interested in supporting our social media marketing efforts. This is a great opportunity to build your expertise and increase your visibility. You must be a CPC member in order to join this volunteer effort.

If you enjoy contributing to online forum discussions and developing helpful relationships with colleagues, then you will want to take on this role. As part of the team, you will oversee, manage, and moderate activity of one or more CPC social media groups/forums.  You will also use social media to help spread the word about CPC and our programs.


  • Build strong relationships with your team members.
  • Network with career professionals from across Canada.
  • Help develop the skills and expertise of your colleagues in the field.
  • Hone your social media networking, communication, and keyboarding skills.
  • Build your own credibility, visibility, and exposure in the field.
  • Work from home at your convenience and on your schedule.
  • Gain satisfaction by contributing to the growth of CPC’s Member Forums.

Time Commitment

Forums are open 24 x 7. The time commitment for this role is flexible depending on your availability. You are expected to access and monitor the site as often as your schedule allows.


  • Participate regularly in the forums and encourage participation from others.
  • Work with the team to build rapport with posters and enrich discussions.
  • Promote forums to CPC members email, phone, and in person as opportunities arise.
  • Use social media to help spread the word about CPC and our programs.
  • Act as a moderator to ensure that all forum guidelines are being followed.
  • Help ensure that everything runs smoothly for members.

The Social Media Moderator is a volunteer role and therefore receives no compensation by CPC. As CPC is a member-driven social enterprise, this is consistent for all volunteer roles.

We’re working together for YOUR success!