CDP-103 – Employment Interview Coaching Certificate Course

Employment Interview Coaching

Employment Interview Coaching

CDP-103 – Online Course – Class size is limited.

Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) Certification Preparation Course


Join us for a fully interactive strategic employment interview coaching course for practitioners. This program is designed to upgrade your skills and enable you to apply emotional intelligence, relationship building, value proposition, constructive feedback, and role-play in your client sessions.

This is an intensive 3-week distance learning course.

This course provides you with many opportunities to practice your interview coaching skills. You’ll uncover effective strategies and new responses to challenging traditional and behavioural interview questions. If you are serious about advancing your competency within the scope of employment interviews, or if you would like to be granted your Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) Certification in the future, you will discover that this course is designed to help you achieve your goal!

Are you ready to take your interview coaching abilities to the next level?

This intensive 3-week course helps you in the following ways:

  • Boost your confidence and talent in employment interview coaching.
  • Learn to strategically support your clients to articulate their value proposition.
  • Apply emotional intelligence in the coaching process.
  • Study various types of interviews, interview questions, and answers.
  • Get updated on Canadian legislation and legislative standards.
  • Learn how reputation management, reference checking, and negotiation skills contribute to interview success.
  • Position yourself to earn more as one of the top interview consultants in Canada.
  • Earn 45 hours towards any Continuing Education Credits (CECs) you require.
  • Become eligible to fast-track the Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) credential.

Get valuable resource material that you will use again and again.

You will receive The Canadian Interview Strategist, the Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) Study eGuide, along with resources, reference sheets, and samples. The eGuide is a valuable resource. It thoroughly discusses current concepts and strategies to enable practitioners to provide exemplary support and services. Many opportunities will be provided for you to become familiar with the material. This eGuide and associated resources will be an asset throughout your career.

Ready yourself for the next step in your employment interview coaching career.

Employment Interview Coaching and Consulting is designed as a preparatory and assessment program for those practitioners wishing to receive their Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) designation. Upon passing, you will be fully ready to apply for Certified Interview Strategist (CIS) certification through Career Professionals of Canada. Note that you must have a more than one year of related work experience and you must pay the application fee to be granted the designation through CPC’s CIS Course-Based Program. Certification program costs are outlined on the Career Professionals of Canada website.

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