Tele-networking Team

CPC Tele-networking sessions are facilitated phone discussions between members of Career Professionals of Canada. Each session is a one-question brainstorming discussion. This is a great way to network and learn along with your colleagues!

Tele-networking Team

  • Cathy Milton – Tele-networking Program Lead & Moderator
  • Sharon Graham – Tele-networking Technical Support
  • Daisy Wright – Tele-networking Facilitator
  • Dorothy Keenan – Tele-networking Facilitator
  • Holly Hagan – Tele-networking Facilitator
  • Joanne Savoie – Tele-networking Facilitator
  • Kristin Vandegriend – Tele-networking Facilitator
  • Marian Bernard – Tele-networking Facilitator
  • Maureen McCann – Tele-networking Facilitator

Tele-Networking Facilitator

Tele-networking is a conference call between Professional Members of Career Professionals of Canada. Tele-networking sessions are a safe environment to practice your facilitation and note-taking skills while gaining visibility within the organization.

Responsibilities & Commitment:

  • Participate in monthly tele-networking sessions. Typically we run six sessions over the course of the year. Sessions are scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month, from 1:00pm-2:00pm EST.
  • Research a specific topic question and facilitate a tele-networking session from time to time. Lead and manage the discussion, creating an open environment for networking and discussion. Encourage brainstorming of new ideas.
  • Rotate note-taking responsibilities with other facilitators (every two to three sessions.) Write bullet-point notes of the ideas brought forward in the session and post them on the member tele-networking forum.

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