CPC Communications Team

CPC Communication Team

Contributing to Career Professionals of Canada’s communications team is an excellent opportunity to “give back” to Canada while building your own credibility as a career professional and a leader in your field.

Career Professionals of Canada Communications Team

  • Cathy Milton – CPC Communications Team Lead & Managing Editor
  • Sharon Graham – CPC Executive Director & Communications Coordinator
  • Stephanie Clark – News Feed Editor
  • Brent Warman – Regular Contributor – Content Writer
  • Carrie Wakeford – Website Content Validator
  • Christine Cristiano – Regular Contributor – Content Writer
  • Giselle Mazurat – Regular Contributor – Content Writer
  • Janet Barclay – Regular Contributor – Content Writer
  • Lori Jazvac – Regular Contributor – Content Writer
  • Lysa Appleton – Regular Contributor – Content Writer
  • Magdalena Mot – Regular Contributor – Content Writer
  • Maureen McCann – Regular Contributor – Content Writer
  • Shellie Deloyer – Regular Contributor – Content Writer

Contribute to the CPC News Posts

Would you like to contribute an article?

We welcome news features, press releases, and other articles. We prefer topics related to resume, interview, employment, and career strategy related to the Canadian labour market and directed to Career Professionals.

Submit your articles here. We will review your submissions and post those that are appropriate directly on our news feed.

If you are a CPC member, we’ll link your article back to your CPC member profile, which you can edit to include all your contact information and links to your website.

All CPC Members are welcome to contribute news articles for publication. However only regular news contributors are listed here.

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Communications Team Volunteer Opportunities

CPC News Contributor

If you are already an avid blogger or if you are a career practitioner with some great tips and tricks or ideas you’d like to share with your colleagues, this may be the role for you.

Responsibilities & Commitment:

As a CPC News Contributor, you will provide relevant, timely, interesting and informative articles geared towards career professionals.

We welcome original content. Posts must be leading-edge; we primarily post informative content that is hard to find elsewhere. Content should be related to Canadian resume, interview, employment, and/or career strategy.

Your writing needs to be article-quality with fully proofed content – Canadian English grammar and spelling. We reserve the right to edit your posts as needed.

No sales pitches are allowed within your posts, but each post will link to your author profile for enhanced visibility.

Career Connections Newsletter Editor

Do you have a way with words?  A strong grasp of proper grammar and punctuation?  If so, we would like to offer you the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the Career Connections newsletter before anyone else.

Responsibilities & Commitment:

Your commitment in this volunteer position will require your discerning eyes to review and edit the latest issue of Career Connections on a weekly basis.

Social Media Specialist

Are you active on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media sites? Join our Communications POWER Team and use social media to help spread the word about CPC and our programs.

Responsibilities & Commitment:

You will attend meetings twice a year (as may be required) and disseminate CPC communications on a regular basis throughout the month. The commitment is four or more posts per month.

Web Content Validator

The CPC website is the core of our virtual services and we are dedicated to making sure that the content is appropriate, spelling and grammar are correct, and that the structure is user-friendly. This volunteer role will allow you to support CPC while gaining a deeper understanding of our services, programs, and resources.

Responsibilities & Commitment:

Your time commitment in this volunteer role will require your regular visits to the site to review pages and suggest changes to content to ensure that they meet our standards.

Career Club Moderator

CPC Members have access to a rich source of information and support through the Career Club. As a Career Club Moderator, you will have your finger on the pulse of the organization by discovering the topics that are currently being discussed by your colleagues.

Responsibilities & Commitment:

This volunteer role will require your regular visits to the Career Club and Tele-networking Club to review posts and ensure that they meet our guidelines.

Tele-Networking Facilitator

Tele-networking is a conference call between Professional Members of Career Professionals of Canada. Tele-networking sessions are a safe environment to practice your facilitation skills while gaining visibility within the organization.

Responsibilities & Commitment:

You will research a specific topic and lead a tele-networking session from time to time. Tele-networking sessions for Professional Members are offered the first Wednesday of the month, from 1:00pm-2:00pm EST.

Tele-Networking Administrator

Do you enjoy taking detailed notes while participating in CPC’s monthly tele-networking sessions? Enhance your visibility within the organization by sharing your notes on the Tele-Networking Club.

Responsibilities & Commitment:

You will participate in monthly tele-networking sessions and rotate note-taking responsibilities with other Tele-Networking Administrators (every two to three sessions.)

Questions? Call CPC directly at 866-896-8768.

Our phone lines are open weekdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm Eastern.


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