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Gabrielle Suttis tells us what it felt like to get her first client through the CPC member directory.

As a Professional Member of Career Professionals of Canada, YOU get many benefits. By taking advantage of these, you will increase your exposure, visibility and credibility across Canada:

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 “As a member of Career Professionals of Canada, I’ve had so many great learning and networking opportunities.  In addition to my online member profile on the CPC site, I also had an article written profiling my background in the field; I’ve even had my blog posts featured.

I’ve participated in a Mastermind Group and joined in on many tele-networking sessions where I’ve had the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field.  I have also participated as a volunteer, won a CPC award and attended conferences as a CPC member.

I am self-employed so I value the connections and the personal and professional growth opportunities offered through my membership.  The support has helped me make important business decisions.  Sharon Graham does an amazing job managing the CPC SEO and as a member I have seen the benefits to my own online presence.  Thank you Sharon Graham and the CPC team!”

Carrie Wakeford, Wakeford and Associates

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