How to Squeeze Even More Value From Your CPC Membership

Key to membership, key to squeezing more value from your CPC membership

Do you want to take full advantage of the resources, tools, and tips that are available with your CPC membership, but can’t quite figure out where to start? Here’s what I did to squeeze even more value from my CPC membership.

I Volunteered

CPC used to host orientation calls for new members. This later became CPC’s “Welcome Wagon.” On one of those early calls, I volunteered to be part of the Communications Team.

I Shared My Ideas

A few phone calls later I was sharing ideas with Sharon Graham, CPC’s Executive Director.

“What about a Welcome Wagon call for new members?”, I suggested.

I Encouraged Innovation

We enjoyed some success with the Welcome Wagon calls, but I really wanted something that would bring members together on a regular basis. I wanted to learn from the experts in the business, and so I suggested a monthly call where practitioners could share best practices. That was back in September of 2007; you know it now as the monthly CPC tele-networking session.

It wasn’t long before the CPC Awards of Excellence were calling for submissions and I went for it! That year I won Outstanding New Career Professional!

From there, my career began to take off. With the encouragement and support of the CPC community, as well as my local Ottawa community, ProMotion Career Solutions was born. I remember the day I bought my business license in December of 2006. It was the scariest, most invigorating purchase I’d ever made.

That’s how it happened for me and I’d like to offer you some advice for getting the most value out of your investment in a CPC membership.

My Tips on How to Squeeze Even More Value from Your CPC Membership

1) Get yourself nominated for an award.

Don’t be shy. The CPC Awards of Excellence were created to recognize the exceptional work of career professionals just like you!

2) Write an article for the CPC News Feed.

Share your best practices, lessons learned, or tell us your career story.

3) Lead a tele-networking session. 

Show off your expertise to a very supportive and engaged community of careerpros.

4) Suit up!

Add your CPC credentials and membership logo to your website and your social media profiles.

5) Get connected locally. 

Look up a career professional in your region and arrange to get together for coffee. No CPC members in your area? Connect virtually or consider hosting a meet-up through the Ambassador Team.

6) Polish off your member directory profile

Get noticed by job seekers looking for a career professional with your unique set of skills.

7) Follow CPC’s social media feeds.

8) Keep up-to-date with the latest news and events.

Subscribe to the weekly Career Connections eNewsletter.

CPC members and volunteers are working hard behind the scenes to ensure your membership continues to bring you value. These are only a few quick and easy ways to maximize the benefit of your membership. See the full list of benefits here and make sure you take advantage of as many as you can!



Maureen McCann is a fierce advocate of career development, committed to preparing Canadians for the future of work. Founder of Promotion Career Solutions, she is one of Canada’s top executive résumé writers with 15-plus years’ experience teaching, mentoring, and facilitating career development. She is a senior board advisor to Career Professionals of Canada and an active member of both the Canadian Council for Career Development Outreach & Advocacy committee and the Canadian Career Development Foundation’s National Stakeholder Committee.

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Enlightening! There’s so much I was missing out on! Thank you!

I hear that, Rita! Over the years, there have been so many initiatives created and updated regularly – it’s no surprise any of us might miss out on one or two. 🙂 CPC has worked hard to provide incredible value to its members.

My experience is similar. I definitely get my money’s worth taking the courses and earning certifications, but there’s much more value available.

Almost immediately I sensed this organization would be good for me. Not always comfortable with new things or new people, I took a big breath and put my hand up for any opportunity offered. I’ve developed more knowledge, new skills, and the best part – met new people who have been incredibly supportive and helpful as I relaunch my own career as an entrepreneur.

I can heartily recommend that engaging with members and getting involved will boost the value you receive.

I know you’re the only one feeling both things, Barb – A sense that CPC would be good for you and not always being a ‘joiner’. I felt that way myself at the beginning. Thanks for sharing your comment here so others can relate to our shared experience. 🙂

Oh my. I meant to write “I know you’re NOT the only one…”