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CPC Member Michelle Precourt tells us what a tele-networking session is like.

What is Tele-Networking?

CPC tele-networking sessions are facilitated phone discussions between members of Career Professionals of Canada. Each session is delivered in a teleconference format using a bridge telephone line. If you have a phone, you have everything that you need to join the class.

If you are a member of Career Professionals of Canada, you are invited to join your colleagues in openly discussing specific career-related topics in a round-table format – asking questions and sharing ideas.

Each conference call is a networking and brainstorming session built around one key question. The topic we select is related to résumé, interview, employment, career, or business strategy.

Tele-networking sessions for CPC members are offered the first Wednesday of the month, from 1:00pm-2:00pm EST. Session registration is free but you’re encouraged to register early to reserve your spot. Note: Depending on your location, long distance charges may apply.

Sessions are recorded are posted on CPC’s Member Site so you can continue discussing and sharing resources on the topic.

Are you interested in participating in a tele-networking session? Review the list of upcoming topics in our events calendar and reserve your spot immediately.

If you’re not a member and would like to participate in the next tele-networking session, join Career Professionals of Canada now.

Professional Members are welcome to facilitate our tele-networking sessions. Tele-networking sessions are a safe environment to practice your facilitation skills. Would you like to join our tele-networking team? Learn more.

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“With membership in Career Professionals of Canada, comes credibility, confidence, and connections. CPC’s tele-networking sessions will help you to create peer-to-peer relationships, drive your professional development, and establish your leadership position by supporting and mentoring others. I’m looking forward to connecting with you at our next tele-networking session.”

Maureen McCann, Promotion Career Solutions Founder of CPC’s Tele-Networking Program

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