CPC Awards of Excellence

CPC is now accepting Awards of Excellence submissions for 2022

Career Professionals of Canada is committed to setting the standard for excellence in our field. We strive to inspire and enable you to empower yourself and advance your goals.CPC Awards of Excellence Program

If you are a CPC member, we invite and encourage you to submit your name for consideration in our prestigious Awards of Excellence. Recognizing outstanding individuals in our profession is one of our most important activities.

We understand that self-submission may not come naturally — you may not be comfortable giving yourself the pat on the back you deserve. The truth is that it is an effective and legitimate way of promoting yourself and your outstanding work. You know yourself and your accomplishments better than anyone else!

Step 1 – Review and select up to 3 categories (below).
Step 2 – Read and follow the submission procedures exactly.
Step 3 – Complete one nomination submission form for each nomination.

Get your submission(s) in before the July 1, 2022 deadline. Go for it. You deserve to be recognized!

Awards of Excellence Categories and Requirements

Submission Guidelines

Submitters are eligible for one (1) distinct entry per category for a maximum of three (3) different categories. They must follow submission procedures exactly. Failure to follow submission guidelines results in elimination from the competition. Only those submissions selected by our Awards Judging Team will be nominated.

For the Outstanding Volunteer Contributor category, submissions are not accepted as the selections are made by the Executive Director.

Any submissions received after the July 1 deadline may be considered for the following year. Upon receipt of all submissions for the current year, the Awards Judging Team will convene to determine award recipients (Winners, Honourable Mentions, and Nominees). If submission(s) do not qualify for the current year based on the category outline and/or these submission guidelines, the submitter will be notified via email.

Submitters grant CPC the right to disclose the complete nomination submission to judges for evaluation. If all or part of a submission is to be published widely for marketing and/or educational purposes, CPC will request prior approval from the submitter. Depending on the purpose of the publication, CPC reserves the right to edit the submission.

Awards of Excellence Judging

Nominations are evaluated by an independent Award Judging Team. Judges volunteer their time and expertise to the process. CPC selects each award winner based upon the most stringent standards outlined here.

Judges make their award recipient selections independently and impartially on a ballot (evaluation form), in accordance with the nomination procedures.

  • Judges may not be nominated through CPC’s Awards of Excellence Program.
  • To ensure a fair and equitable process, nominees in any category may not be judges in the current year.
  • When more than 3 nominations are received for one CPC member, only the first 3 submissions are eligible.
  • Entries that are not suitable for a specific category may be moved to another category or disqualified.
  • If a submission has not satisfied all the requirements of the category, that nomination will be disqualified.
  • Entries that do not follow submission guidelines outlined here will be disqualified.
  • Résumé samples with significant structural, spelling, and/or grammatical errors will be disqualified.
  • If there are no suitable entries for a specific category, there will be no winner awarded for that category.

Award nominees and recipients are formally announced in September in the Career Connections Newsletter.

All qualifying candidates will receive a soft-copy award logo for self-marketing purposes. Winners and Honourable Mentions will receive a certificate via email. All names will be listed on the CPC site.

If you have any questions about the Awards of Excellence program, please e-mail info@CareerProCanada.ca.

CPC Member Ali Breen tells us why you should submit yourself for nomination. Listen: