Standards and Ethics

CPC Standards and Ethics

Career Professionals of Canada’s Code of Standards and Ethics helps practitioners to be accountable to our profession and to the public. As career professionals, we must know, honour, and adhere to this personal and professional code of standards and ethics. This framework helps us to make thoughtful decisions and to uphold the quality and integrity of the services we provide. By complying with this code, we protect ourselves, our employers, our colleagues, and our clients.

CPC Code of Standards & Ethics

Members of Career Professionals of Canada will:

  1. Uphold an exemplary professional image; demonstrate integrity in their words and actions as they are a direct reflection of our profession and its values.
  2. Display professional competence; offer a high standard of knowledge, technical skills, good judgment, and quality services aligned with their area of practice.
  3. Provide qualified expertise; understand the boundaries of their competencies and only practice in areas in which they are knowledgeable and educated.
  4. Represent their qualifications candidly; accurately and clearly inform the public of their areas of expertise, and refrain from overstating their qualifications or outcomes of services.
  5. Continuously improve their competencies; commit to ongoing professional development and keeping informed on emerging trends, practices, and advances within the profession.
  6. Honour commitments to clients; deliver services and products promised while remaining sensitive to individual client needs and adhering to the best interests of clients.
  7. Respect the autonomy and dignity of clients; refrain from discriminating against anyone, abide by the voluntary choices of clients, and avoid negligently or intentionally causing harm.
  8. Safeguard client privacy and confidentiality; take all reasonable measures to maintain confidentiality in interactions, electronic and paper recordkeeping, and when using technology.
  9. Treat colleagues with consideration; maintain strong relations, mutual respect, and open dialogue among members, co-workers, and associates.
  10. Comply with all ethical and legal obligations; not knowingly violate any legislated act, regulation, or by-law that relates to the delivery of professional services.
Updated August 2020 - Career Professionals of Canada