Standards and Ethics



Career Professionals of Canada’s Standards and Ethics help members to make thoughtful decisions. Career practitioners must know, honour, and adhere to a personal and professional code of standards and ethics. By complying with this framework, practitioners protect themselves, their colleagues, and the public when working in support of clients’ career development needs.


CPC Standards and Ethics

Members of Career Professionals of Canada will:

  1. Uphold an exemplary professional image; remain aware that our members’ words and actions are a direct reflection of Career Professionals of Canada and its values.
  2. Display professional competence; ensure that they offer high standards of knowledge, skills, and competencies that are reflective of industry standards.
  3. Provide qualified expertise; understand the boundaries of their competencies and refrain from practicing in areas in which they do not have specific training or professional experience.
  4. Represent their qualifications candidly; refrain from overstating their qualifications or giving inappropriate outcomes (guarantees) when marketing their services.
  5. Continuously improve their competencies; keep up to date with emerging trends, practices, and advances in the Canadian career field.
  6. Honour commitments to clients; deliver services and products promised while remaining sensitive to individual client needs.
  7. Respect human dignity and human rights; refrain from discriminating against anyone based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other grounds.
  8. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients; take all reasonable and legal measures to maintain client privacy in person-to-person interactions and through the use of technology.
  9. Treat colleagues with the utmost respect; encourage strong relations, open dialogue, and continuous development among members, colleagues, and associated organizations.
  10. Comply with all ethical and legal obligations; not knowingly violate, or cause the violation of, any legislated act, regulation, or by-law that relates to the delivery of professional services.

This Standards and Ethics framework was derived from The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs) and the CDP Competency Framework.