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Lessons from a Dragons’ Den

October 27, 2010 |

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Customer Service Magic

October 13, 2010 |

Customer Service and business growth go hand in hand. Are you doing all you can to enhance your customers’ experiences?

Growing Business: Just Ask

October 1, 2010 |

Sales people know: if you don’t ask, you’re less likely to receive. Simple, inexpensive, straightforward business-building tactic.

Breaking Free of the Holiday Groove

September 14, 2010 |

Small business owners have only themselves to rely on! Jump-start your productivity by breaking free of a holiday “groove” with these five easy to implement steps.

Bad Hair Days: Wearing Many Entrepreneurial Hats

August 19, 2010 |

The joys, and tribulations, of the self-employed career practitioner.

Top Ten Year End Tax Planning Tips

May 14, 2010 |

Although directed to ‘year end’, these tips are valuable considerations for this upcoming income tax time. In these recommendations, author Evelyn Jacks; offers strategies for now and all year long. 1.  Tax Loss/Tax Gain Selling May Make Sense. Generate losers to offset capital gains in the year; carry back losses generate capital gains to use up exempt gains balances. 2.  Contribute to your RRSP. 90% of Canadians fail to top up their RRSP contribution room. It pays to remind yourself all year long that double-digit returns result from the tax…