What’s the quickest way to increase your resume writing business?


Nominate yourself for an Award of Excellence.

Winning an award in your field as a career professional and resume writer provides you with free marketing for your business, increases your credibility as a writer, and attracts clients to you like a magnet.

Former Awards of Excellence winners report:

  • An increase in client inquiries and sales
  • Increased traffic to their website
  • Proven credibility to add to their profile and bios as one of the BEST in the Canadian industry

Nominations are easy! Please review the CPC Awards of Excellence page for complete details.

  1. Pick your favourite resume for the categories you prefer
  2. Draft your strategy/statement, explaining the work you did
  3. Fictionalize your documents and save as PDF versions
  4. Submit your nomination online
  5. Then, watch your business grow.

Time is running out – this opportunity to enter the competition and rapidly grow your business is available only once a year. Your deadline for submissions is July 1st!


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