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Janet Barclay, a former career professional and virtual assistant, is now a website caregiver to a variety of clients throughout North America. One of her clients is Career Professionals of Canada, where she serves as Technology Manager. She is also the founder and director of the Golden Horseshoe Virtual Assistants Group.

In the early days of her virtual assistant business, Janet chose career practitioners as one of her target markets due to her background in that industry. She learned that CPC was holding a conference in the Greater Toronto Area and offered a door prize of a gift certificate for her services. A few months later, Sharon Graham reached out to Janet when she needed a virtual assistant. Janet remembers this as a major turning point for her and remains grateful, not just for the business, but for everything she’s learned and the many interesting people she’s come to know through her involvement with CPC.

Fun fact: Janet has a tattoo of a forget-me-not on her back.

Would you like to create a video introducing yourself to the CPC community?

Our Members Matter program is designed to honour and celebrate our members and includes many initiatives—current and future—to give our members the recognition they deserve. We would love to feature you! If you are interested in recording your own introductory video, feel free to contact Felisha Ali, a member of CPC’s Communications Team, and she will be happy to help you get started. You can message Felisha through her CPC member profile.


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Hi Janet! Such a pleasure to learn more about you here. You certainly do keep the site running smoothly. Love this!

Thanks, Felisha! I had fun making my video.

It’s wonderful to hear about you and your interests. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for watching, reading, and commenting!

Always a joy to learn more about you, Janet! I didn’t realize you had four grandkids. Amazing! Love the video and hearing more about your background.

I can’t believe that’s never come up! Here’s a photo from one of the rare occasions I’ve seen them all at the same time. Hopefully it will happen more often now that they’re all old enough that we don’t have to plan around nap times.

Grandkids popsicles.jpg

Amazing! And absolutely adorable to see your “grand” crew.

How fun to see you featured here, Janet. I like watching movies and cooking too. 🙂 I appreciate you, as I’m sure all of your clients do!

Thanks, Seana! I can just imagine the two of us preparing a meal together and then watching a movie.

Forget-me-not? We Weill forget-you-never, because you are the cool kitten who keeps us in-the-know!

Aww, you’re the sweetest!

Janet manages both of my websites. She’s great to work with.

Thank you, Janet! That goes both ways.

Janet is a great website caregiver. She takes care of my 2 websites. She’s easy to get a hold of in an emergency. The best website person around.

Aww, thank you, Julie!