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Sharon Graham, Executive Director, Career Professionals of Canada

Sharon Graham is Canada’s Career StrategistFounder and Executive Director of Career Professionals of Canada and top-selling author of career publications, Sharon Graham’s PASSION is helping Canadian career practitioners achieve career and business success. Her MISSION is to seek out and find new ways to help her colleagues survive and thrive. Her VISION is to drive the nation towards global leadership in career development.

Sharon Graham, Executive Director, Career Professionals of Canada

Sharon Graham founded Career Professionals of Canada in 2004, setting the cornerstones for quality service, highest ethical standards, and provision of expert advice. As CPC’s executive director, she ensures that the mandate of this national organization – enabling Canadian Career Professionals to achieve their career, business, and professional development goals – is upheld with integrity.

Executive Director Board Memberships

As a founding steering committee member Sharon has worked actively for over a decade as board member of Canadian Council for Career Development (3CD). As part of this role, she helped deploy various national career development initiatives. Sharon championed the re-development and updating of the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs). She participated in the development of Canada Career Month and the national Career Challenge Quiz, and supported the National Certification Working Group. 

Over her career, Sharon has worked closely with leaders in the career development profession as board member of Career Development Practitioners Certification Board of Ontario (CDBCBO), the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF), and the US-based Career Management Alliance (CMA). As part of the leadership team, her role as International Career Services Master was to ensure that the CMA maintained a global outlook and developed programs that supported practitioners worldwide.

Sharon Graham Executive Director Résumé

An industry pioneer, Sharon has authored the first fully Canadian content book series on résumé writing – Best Canadian Résumés and Best Canadian Cover Letters. The Best Canadian Series has become a one-of-a-kind resource for practitioners across Canada. The textbooks, complete with sample résumés and cover letters, are used nationwide to train and support résumé writers, career coaches, and job seekers.

Sharon is a recipient of the esteemed Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Counselling and Career Development in Canada. This prestigious title is Canada’s premier honour presented annually by the Canadian Career Development Foundation. Leadership represents that rare combination of vision, dedication, commitment, ability to mobilize others, and willingness to work hard, and the Stu Conger Award is given to individuals who exemplify those characteristics. Sharon’s professional contributions, ongoing leadership, and body of work in the field are a testament to these qualities. She has been featured as an expert in leading Canadian media including Report on Business Television, the Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star.

Career Management Alliance, the world’s leading professional association dedicated to linking all divisions within the careers industry, awarded Sharon the Bridge Award. Sharon was recognized for the significant difference she has made to the field for connecting professionals from a wide variety of sectors within the careers industry, including government, academia, the corporate sector, nonprofits, and the entrepreneurial world. Acting as a “bridge” – offering practitioners opportunities to network and learn from one other as well as the chance to form long-lasting friendships – Sharon was honoured with this award, which exemplifies the generosity of spirit and commitment to one another as professionals and valued colleagues.

In 2006, Sharon was awarded an exclusive Leadership Recognition Award  by her peers in recognition for her work in instituting leading-edge resources, a supportive communication vehicle, and exceptional mentoring and support to Canadian career practitioners.

Sharon is the force behind CPC’s Canadian Awards of Excellence Program, ensuring that peers in the careers industry recognize those who demonstrate the levels to which she aspires. She has also championed the creation of a formal Professional Certification Program to ensure the stature and credibility of career professionals. As part of this undertaking, she has authored The Canadian Career Strategist Series, four  publications to support the certification program.

Sharon is the architect of a Career Development Practitioner (CDP) Online Program entirely designing, developing, and deploying the program across the nation.

As a subject matter expert in the area of resume optimization for technology, Sharon Graham has led the development of new information and resources. As a key influencer, she has fully designed a series of courses and programs related to Technology Optimized Résumés for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Sharon is a Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP) Sharon conceived and designed the Career Competence self-assessment and professional development planning tool, built on The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs).

Sharon has been consultant and senior executive to a wide variety of employment practitioners, career organizations, and Canadians in the labour market. In her earlier career as owner and operator of Graham Management Group, Canada’s leading résumé writing and career management firm for six-figure professionals, Sharon handpicked a consulting team of professionals also known for excelling in their craft.

The leadership excellence and counsel that Sharon provides instil utmost confidence. She has acquired a reputation in Canada and beyond that is reflective of her knowledge, integrity, dedication to client requirements, superior service, and outstanding product delivery. It is no surprise that her business is largely a referral-based network of delighted clientele. A devoted volunteer and advocate of human and animal rights, Sharon seeks to make a positive difference in every life she touches.

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“Sharon Graham’s catalytic involvement with Career Professionals of Canada is proving to be a revolutionary force in the Canadian career services industry. Driven by her devotion to excellence in the field, Sharon has shown extraordinary leadership by providing structure, cohesiveness and high standards of education to her membership.”

Higher Bracket, Anthony Kaul

“With a vision for excellence and innovation, Sharon Graham launched Career Professionals of Canada to fill a void and reach many Canadian career practitioners who did not have an association that catered to their professional development. They turned to US-based associations for legitimacy in the work that they do. Sharon thought the time had come to create an association with a focus that was uniquely Canadian. This bold step resulted in Sharon receiving a Leadership Recognition Award from her colleagues.”

Daisy Wright, The Wright Career Solution

“I have found Sharon Graham’s comments and assistance extremely valuable as a resource for the career advice stories I write for The Globe and Mail. She is also tireless in organizing experts and lobbying for high professional standards for career counselling in Canada.”

Wallace Immen, The Globe and Mail