Executive Director

Christine (Chris) Ball

Christine (Chris) Ball

Executive Director

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC)

Christine (Chris) Ball is the executive director of Career Professionals of Canada (CPC). Chris takes the helm with a wealth of experience, a deep commitment to preserving CPC’s culture of kindness and inclusivity, and a vision for the association's growth. Chris’ dedication to personal interactions and inviting people to the table resonates with CPC's commitment to relationship building and inclusivity. She excels in working with boards, staff, and volunteers, both in-house and remotely. Chris forges meaningful relationships and connects with professionals on a personal level, which strengthens CPC's community.

A Visionary Leader for CPC

In her role at CPC, Chris is dedicated to providing visionary leadership that will propel the association to new horizons. She brings a wealth of experience in non-profit leadership, marketing, and communications, making her the perfect choice to lead CPC toward a future of growth and excellence.

Strategic Planning & Stakeholder Engagement

Working in close partnership with the CPC board, Chris focuses on developing strategic plans, operational systems, and their seamless implementation. One of her top priorities is building and nurturing strong relationships with key stakeholders, including government agencies, educational institutions, industry partners, and other relevant organizations. Chris’ role extends to being CPC's representative and ambassador, promoting the growth of our brand and advocating for the career development profession in Canada.

Comprehensive Organizational Management

Chris oversees all aspects of CPC's operations, including financial management, marketing and communications, member and volunteer development, fund development, member services, technology operations, and resource allocation. She leads a high-performing team that fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and service excellence.

Expert Guidance for the Board

In her capacity as Executive Director, Chris serves as the principal resource to the board, offering expert advice, guidance, and development on matters related to the career development profession, industry trends, governance, and strategic planning. She ensures transparency in financial results and identifies potential threats, opportunities, and challenges. Financial stewardship is another key area of focus for Chris. She supports the development and management of CPC's annual budget, ensuring fiscal health and financial controls are in place. Identifying and pursuing funding opportunities will be integral to supporting CPC's programs and initiatives.

A Diverse Background

With a career spanning various sectors, Chris brings a unique blend of experience and skills to her role. As an entrepreneurial leader with a strong track record in change management, governance, marketing, and communications, Chris has collaborated with independently owned businesses, non-profits, and international companies across various industries. Her philosophy of identifying creative solutions to business challenges and her dedication to fostering collaboration make her an ideal fit for CPC.

Education and Interests

Chris holds a Certified Governance Professional Designation from Governance Professionals of Canada and has completed coursework at several esteemed academic institutions.

A Personal Touch

Outside of her professional life, Chris enjoys tending to her bees, working in her pottery studio, and collaborating with her local farmers' market.

If you are a Canadian Career Practitioner, schedule a complimentary networking meeting with Chris Ball, Canada’s Career Strategist.