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Career Professionals Come Together in Opposition to Racism

June 4, 2020 |

Message from Executive Director Dear friends, Deep and disturbing injustices across North America have once again underscored our long and ongoing history of racism. Canada is not immune. This highly charged political environment has put a spotlight on something that has always existed. Anti-Black racial profiling and inequalities are deeply rooted and ongoing – and is now making national headlines. Across Canada there has been a steady rise in anti-Muslim sentiment and an increase in Islamophobia. Anti-Aboriginal racism in Canada is also prevalent and has been rising with recent tensions.…

Message From Executive Director – Has Time Changed For You?

April 20, 2020 |

Dear friends, Has Time Changed For You? CPC member Michelle Precourt recently posed this question on LinkedIn and received quite a range of responses. For many, time seems more fluid with days blending into each other. Some have busy days with many interruptions, while others are finding time but having difficulty focusing on new initiatives. Get FREE professional development… Many careerpros have told us that they are shifting focus to their own professional development. It’s a way to feel like they are doing something positive and productive. As a result,…

FREE Webinar Replay Series – Special Event for CareerPros

April 13, 2020 |

At Career Professionals of Canada, we’ve come up with a free webinar replay program to help you get through this spring and summer. Professional development can be a helpful distraction from everything else that’s going on and we want to help. You are invited to access four special webinar replays. These webinars took place in 2019 and instead of reselling the sessions, we’ve decided to offer the recordings and handouts to you for free. We’ll be featuring one webinar per month for four consecutive months. You may not be able…

Message From Executive Director – Settling Into Our New Normal

April 13, 2020 |
Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs

Dear friends, For many of us, this pandemic has created a rollercoaster of emotions, and in the quiet moments we’re left questioning our value systems. Our needs and those of our clients have shifted, putting the spotlight on basic physiological and safety needs, along with our desire for social connection. There are some ways that we can address these needs for ourselves and our clients. Addressing Our Clients’ Immediate Basic Needs Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan has launched its website. The plan includes measures to assist both individuals and businesses financially.…

Message From Executive Director – Settling Into Our New Normal

April 6, 2020 |

Dear friends, We hope that you and your family are keeping safe and healthy as we are all settling into our new normal.  At this time, many organizations are offering free, helpful webinars. Here are some recordings you can access now: Mental Health and Resilience During Covid-19 | Crisis Trauma and Resource Institute Thriving Through Chaos: How to Manage Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being and Help Your Clients Do the Same | CERIC Managing An Unexpected Workforce (scroll down the page to “recorded webinars and interviews”) | The Conference Board of…