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Character Strengths: The Foundation of a Fulfilled Life

April 30, 2021 |
Character Strengths

As a guidance counsellor working in an adult learning centre, I support adults who are struggling to find a place where they fit in the new world of work. In my view, it is essential for individuals going through a work transition to have a certain sense of hope for the future. It helps if they take the time to thoughtfully assess their needs so that they don’t jump frantically on the first job offer that comes their way. Doing so may put them at risk of experiencing another setback.…

How Do You Help Clients Develop Their Emotional Intelligence?

April 28, 2021 |
Emotional Intelligence EI

In your practice, you may have encountered clients who consistently have difficulty securing and maintaining good opportunities. Despite having all the required qualifications, they can’t seem to get ahead in their careers. You may also observe that other people with little education or experience seem to land jobs and promotions with ease. For these individuals, it just might be that competencies related to Emotional Intelligence (EI) have made all the difference in their career progression and performance. The good news is that EI can be learned and it is possible…

What is the Difference Between a Coach and a Counsellor?

April 23, 2021 |
Coaches and Counsellors Support Motivate Inspire

Career Professionals of Canada provides the tools and resources to help members become trained coaches and improve their counselling skills. For both career professionals and our clients, it is important to understand the difference between a coach and counsellor. As career development practitioners, our clients may request coaching or counselling. There are times in your practice when coaching will be needed versus counselling. Of course, it always depends upon the situation and the client. Yet, not all career professionals are qualified to serve as coaches or counsellors. In order to…

How to Help Third Age Job Seekers Find Work

April 21, 2021 | Comments Off on How to Help Third Age Job Seekers Find Work
Help Third Age Job Seekers

What is the Third Age? Google that question and you’ll get many hits. Generally, it is defined as the period of life between ages 55 to 80. It is a period when many people leave their working life behind and “follow their bliss”; doing whatever makes them feel happy and fulfilled. However, there are many Third-Agers who deliberately choose to continue formal employment due to financial necessity or perhaps because it provides self-fulfillment. If “older” people  embark on the path of trying to land a new job, they can face special challenges. Many…

Social Justice and Career Development

March 19, 2021 |
Social justice

Recently, Career Professionals of Canada published their Annual Report. It’s well worth reading. A page that really caught my attention was CPC’s three-point “Call to Action” for 2021; it is ambitious and compelling. The calls to action are described as having the goals of intentionally and mindfully strengthening the CPC brand and making an impact within the career development profession, nationally and globally. The first of the three actions is about social justice. It reads: Social Justice – Cement our culture of diversity and inclusion. I’ve heard and read the phrase “social justice” often,…

Career Exploration – Free Career Assessment Resources

March 12, 2021 |
Career exploration

Career development is a lifelong process, but most career practitioners have access to a limited number of career exploration assessments. Moreover, for most not-for-profit career services, the time and cost of administering a full battery of tests is prohibitive. The good news is that there are plenty of free career exploration and personality assessment resources available online. In the past, career exploration was used primarily during secondary or post-secondary education. The goal was to guide and assist students in making informed choices when preparing to enter the work world. But these days, most…