What’s Your “One Word”?

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By Brenda Collard-Mills.

A resume is a marketing tool and the product being marketed is your client!

In order to help my clients stand out from their job search competition, one of the homework assignments I ask each client to prepare is “What ONE word best describes you?”

I don’t mean words such as reliable, honest, dedicated….almost every job search candidate will consider themselves to have those qualities. No one is going to say they are unreliable, dishonest and indifferet as an employee!

In the April 2012 edition of Chatelaine magazine, staff were asked to select their “ONE Word” and here are some of their responses:

Exuberant * Daring * Steadfast * Passionate * Persistent

Optimistic * Vivacious * Spirited * Savvy * Tenacious * Dynamic

Everyone has ONE word, it just might take time to research and determine what that ONE word is. Ask your clients to start making a list; ask friends, family, co-workers and anyone else in their network that knows them well. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ONE word that best describes your clients. Now, take that ONE word and use it to update their resume by incorporating the ONE word into a powerful opening statement. After all, change begins with one step or ONE word.

What’s your ONE word? Leave a comment below.

Brenda Collard-Mills, Owner of Robust Resumes And Resources combines her flare for business writing with the esteemed professional accreditation Certified Résumé Strategist. Brenda is a member of Career Professionals of Canada, the Wasaga Beach Women’s Business Association, BeAResumeWriter, and the American Society of Administrative Professionals. She is a regular guest on the Collingwood Rogers TV show “Georgian Bay Life” and is an invited Guest Lecturer at Everest College in Barrie. Email: brenda@robustresumesandresources.com

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