Video Marketing – Take the Plunge!


By Lee-Anne Geseron.

One of the branding strategies I have been interested in “mastering” is the art of video marketing.

When I joined Career Professionals of Canada last year I had no idea about the level of support, resources, and collaboration that would prevail. Along with gaining my certifications as a CRS, CIS, and CES, I attended the November CAREERPRO Virtual Conference and was thrilled with the aha moments. I then began digging a little deeper into all that CPC had to offer.

I came across the opportunity to join a Mastermind Group. I had never been a part of something like this but was eager to learn, share, and grow. The experience that I had was beyond my expectations. It allowed me to feel that I was part of a network of professionals with whom I could really relate. I found myself excited about sharing resources and knowledge while fueling my own skills with the expertise of my mastermind group. Through monthly assignments and phone calls, I was held accountable to be an active part of this amazing group of professionals.

In the first session we came up with our curriculum but what we chose to research and share was left up to us. It was important to learn something that we had been procrastinating on but truly wanted to learn more about, which leads me to the video I have to share with you all…its about Video Branding. I will let the video explain the rest.

If you have been considering professional development and are looking to commit to your own personal and business growth then I encourage you to take the step and join a Mastermind crew! I promise it will not disappoint.

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