The Power of Assessments

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By Ken Keis.

Everything in life centers around measurement—money, travel, time, age, weight, volume, temperature, stock indexes—the list is endless. Even underdeveloped countries use the rising of the sun and moon and the changing of the seasons as measurements.

Yet, my experience has been that most people do not have a personal measurement strategy to help improve their lives. A proper assessment/measurement strategy can offer amazing freedom, clarity, direction, and release to individuals and organizations.

Let me present an example: At one time or another, many of us have driven a vehicle with a fuel gauge that wasn’t working. Because we had to guess at the fuel level, we felt a great deal of mental stress and anxiety. If we experience stress for something as basic as a fuel tank, what internal measurements can we take to lower anxiety and stress in our daily lives? Do you and your clients clearly understand your/their values, aptitude, attitude, personality, stress and health, interests, purpose, self-worth, leadership, and management skills?

What is an Assessment?

An assessment is any process, tool, or methodology that benchmarks and measures a set of criteria for individuals, teams, or organizations. Like money, volume, or distance, assessment is a form of measurement that helps individuals know where they are and where they are going. Measurement does not create results; it documents what is already true.

What do Assessments measure?

There are no limitations to what assessments can measure. Assessments measure and clarify personal style, job style, character traits, leadership skills, team compatibility, aptitude, values, health, self-worth, integrity, trust factors, and much more.

Who can benefit from completing an assessment?

Given the wide variety of areas that can be measured, everyone at some level can benefit from assessments―individuals, businesses of all sizes, partners, families (including kids with a grade 6 reading level and up), and non-profit and volunteer organizations.

Assessments can help you hire the right person . . . the first time. One business owner complained he could never get the right person for a senior position. We recommended two assessments to help in the process: the Personal Style Indicator and the Job Style Indicator.

To hire for a six-figure position, he was reluctant to invest in assessment technology for the five individuals on his short list. As a result, he was consistently getting the wrong person for the job. How much was that costing him?

Do I need a professional to help with the process?

Because CRG’s assessments are self-scored and self-interpreted, you can apply the technology and look at your results in your own timeframe. You can, however, gain a deeper understanding of the tools and how to apply them by attending CRG’s Train-the-Trainer course.

How can you effectively use the assessments in personal and/or organizational applications?

  • Establish the primary items you want to measure before conducting assessments. Make sure you select assessments that best apply to your situation.
  • All team members should go through the assessment process.
  • Confirm your assessment strategy and consistently implement and use it.
  • Never abuse the privilege and confidentiality of the process. Share all results with the individual.
  • It is not the results that are important; it’s what you do with them.
  • Choose assessments that are proven in the marketplace and that are well regarded by their users. Just because an assessment is well known or has high market awareness does not mean it is high quality and will meet your needs.
  • If you have no experience in the assessment world, contact a qualified professional who can recommend several options and choices. The use of assessments is a must for any progressive individual or organization.

In research conducted by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), it was found that the most profitable and successful organizations were, on average, doing twice the training and assessments than businesses performing at below-average levels.

It is difficult to determine where you want to go if you don’t know your starting point. Use an assessment to evaluate where you and your clients are now and then to plan where to go next.

CRG’s tools and resources can be used in a wide variety of disciplines. The knowledge and understanding gained from these tools are applicable anytime you are dealing with another person. A better understanding of the people around you will increase the effectiveness of your communication and help you get the results you want.

Train-the-Trainer is your opportunity to learn more about CRG’s 16 assessments and over 100 resources―and how to quickly implement any one of them in your business or organization for breakthrough results.

Start now. Take your personal or business life to the next level with the right assessments for your situation.



Ken Keis is the president and CEO of Consulting Resource Group in Abbotsford, B.C. ( He can be reached at (604) 852-0566 or

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