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160+ Page Certified Employment Strategist (CES) eGuide

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Career transition can inflict much stress on our clients. Job searching, resume writing, networking, interviewing, and negotiating are all accompanied by a steep learning curve. Keeping things on even keel is not an easy task. Clients need help to keep their job search in steady, forward motion – and the Certified Employment Strategist (CES) Program can help you enable and empower them.

Want to get your CES certification? Get certified through self-study.

CESssIf you provide clients with strategic career transition or employment advice, you are a potential candidate for the Certified Employment Strategist (CES) credential. Members of Career Professionals of Canada can apply to be assessed and receive this designation. The Canadian Employment Strategist – Certified Employment Strategist (CES) Study eGuide is included in this option.

If you provide clients with employment consulting or career transition coaching services, you are a potential candidate for the Certified Employment Strategist (CES) credential. A key resource for career development professionals across Canada. Apply for your CES CREDENTIAL.

On a budget? Purchase The Canadian Employment Strategist.

CES300sThis 163-page PDF eGuide is a valuable resource used by employment consultants and career transition professionals across Canada to develop their professional expertise. This study guide is a required resource for CPC’s Certified Employment Strategist (CES) self-study program; however, you can purchase the CES STUDY GUIDE separately for $29.95.

Career Professionals of Canada – take your professional development to the next level!

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