Thank You to CPC Volunteers!

CPC Career Professionals of Canada News

Nobody can do it alone! Volunteers are the backbone of Career Professionals of Canada. As always, our CPC volunteers are doing an exceptional job creating more benefits for CPC members!

A warm “thank you” goes to our Certification Program Assessment Team for their ongoing work performing evaluations through the year:

  • Angelika Trinkwon, CRS
  • Carole Marinier, CRS
  • Gabrielle LeClair, MCRS, MCIS, MCES, MCCS
  • Karen Siwak, CRS
  • Kathy Weston, CRS
  • Lita Pitruzzello, CRS
  • Lynda Margaret, MCRS
  • Maureen McCann, MCRS, MCIS, MCES, MCCS
  • Skye Berry-Burke, CRS
  • Wayne Pagani, MCRS, MCIS, MCES, MCCS

We greatly appreciate the work of our telenetworking minute takers for supporting our program with exceptional notes that are posted on the Career Club:

  • Cathy Milton
  • Marian Bernard

Our Communications POWER Team must be commended for their outstanding work in promoting LinkedIn and the Career Club:

  • Cathy Milton
  • Daisy Wright
  • Gabrielle LeClair
  • Maureen McCann
  • Michael Thompson
  • Tara Orchard

We also thank our Career Professionals of Canada Ambassadors for developing their respective regional Member Meetups:

  • Kellan Beck
  • Maureen Farmer
  • Michael Thompson
  • Wayne Pagani

Gratitude goes out to these individuals who also work hard “behind the scenes”:

  • Carrie Wakeford, CPC’s Website Content Validator who reviews and proof our webpages for content and accuracy.
  • Cathy Milton, our Events and Job Postings Moderator who ensures good solid postings are available for professionals to view in a timely manner.
  • Lynda Margaret, our Career Connections Editor who reviews and edits all newsletter issues prior to release.


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