Target Your Career Service for a Specific Client Segment


By Marian Bernard.

“Not everyone is your customer,” said Mark Imperial, the Chicago-based marketing genius behind

When I first heard Mark utter these words, I thought, “You are SO right on, Mark!”

It is far easier for me to partner with clients with whom I can share my experience and equip them with the knowledge they need to advance in their careers. My intent is to uncover each client’s UVP (Unique Value Proposition) so that the brand message resonates with potential employers.

Michael DiFrisco, “The Affordable Branding Guy” and Lydia Di Francesco suggest these reasons why you – the careerpro – should target your audience:

  • You rule out individuals who – try as you might – will NOT value what you can do for them because they are only interested in the lowest price.
  • Your marketing budget will be more laser-focused because you know where your target audience is “hanging out.”
  • It’s easier for your ideal client to find you.
  • You devote more time serving your best customers and less time chasing low-value prospects.
  • You build a heartier referral base once you have penetrated your desired target market and educated your customers as to why you are THE career authority of choice.

Having been part of Career Professionals of Canada since 2004, I can unabashedly say that I have formed more than a few mutually-profitable referral alliances amongst our devoted membership.

Ultimately, a triple benefit arises when CPC members refer clients amongst one another:

  • The CPC member making the referral gains peace of mind in knowing that the client is in good hands with their colleague.
  • The CPC member receiving the referral is able to add to their bottom line and remain busy during an otherwise dormant stint.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: The client receives the very best service possible (potentially in the form of a shorter job search, more interviews, and a higher salary) because they have teamed up with a CPC member who specializes in their actual vocation and knows what the hiring decision-maker wants.

Photo courtesy of CPC Archives: Marian Bernard, Sharon Graham, Karen Shane, and Howard Halpern meeting potential clients at the National Job Fair.

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