Take Note


By Maureen McCann.

People can get themselves stuck in a rut very easily. We are all guilty of it at some level or another – and when we are stuck, even the simplest of nudges can help get us out of our own heads and back into reality.

I’m grateful to get to talk to many people about their careers, their choices, and not surprisingly, their day-to-day lives. What I have learned from many of these conversations, is not to take things for granted – not to assume things are going to work out as we want them to (hope they do, but plan for anything). This is a note to myself, as much as it is to anyone, to pay attention to the life we are living.

Take Note

…of the little things.

…of the important things.

…of beautiful things.

…of what’s going well,

…and what needs improvement.

…of what you tell yourself,

… and how the message impacts how you feel about yourself.

…of the things in your life that bring you joy.

…of the things you have left to do in this life.

…of your friend’s and family’s love for you.

…of the experiences you’ve had – the good (and the not so good) – they each make you who you are today.

…of the road you’re on, and whether you chose to be on it, or stumbled upon it.

…of your choices and your sacrifices.

…of your surroundings.

…of your supporters and your critics (including the ones in your head).

Make a conscious choice in your career, and in your life.

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