Susan Cain’s TED Talk on Introverts

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By Sharon Graham.

Susan Cain, the author of Quiet, delivers a powerful presentation. So, it’s not surprising that Bill Gates, one of the world’s most well known introverts, considers her TED Talk as one of his 13 favourites.

During her TED Talk, Susan Cain suggests that our culture prizes outgoing and social people, possibly at a detriment to introverts. She argues that introverts should be encouraged and celebrated for their extraordinary talents and abilities. Provide them with opportunities to work in solitude and with autonomy, and they will be more creative and productive.

Because I self-identify as an introvert, Susan Cain’s message spoke to me. I’m most effective when I work alone, giving myself time to research and think things through. However, people might mistake me for an extravert, because I have learnt strategies to be effective in a variety of business situations.

The TED Talk stimulated my thinking about how we can better support introvert clients.

It’s unlikely that any client is completely introverted or extraverted. However, some clients may have introvert traits. We can employ a number of strategies to help introvert clients navigate through their career development.

Introvert clients have significant gifts to offer employers. Introverts are energized by working on their own; they tend to avoid social situations because being around other people often drains their energy. However, their pensive and precise mind is of great benefit within the workplace. To be most effective, they typically need some time to gather their thoughts. By understanding these specific needs, we can help them take advantage of their strengths throughout their career. Here are 15 tips that will help you top provide a meaningful coaching relationship with your introvert clients.

I would like to hear from you. What tools and techniques do you use to enable your introvert clients to succeed in career development? Learn much more about how you can help a wide range of clients through Career Professionals of Canada and our Self-study Certification Programs.

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