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By Daisy Wright.

Jay Conrad Levinson is a well known author of the Guerilla Marketing series of books. He joined forces with David Perry of Perry Martel International, principal of an executive search firm in Ottawa, to write Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters.

This book focuses on non-traditional methods of finding a job – networking, target marketing, ‘fearless cold-calling’ and public relations. It puts a new spin on topics such as research, contacting headhunters, using the Internet, not only to post one’s resume, but getting to know and use online networking tools like LinkedIn, Ryze, Zoominfo and Zerodegrees, and creating one’s own blog and website, suggesting that “Your blog is a billboard on the Internet. Use it to get people to stop at your website…”

The authors discuss the changing nature of the job market and how job seekers should prepare to deal with issues such as the pending retirement of baby boomers and the shortage of skilled workers; global competition, outsourcing, layoffs, off-shoring and rightsizing. They also advise job seekers to focus on the value they bring to the job rather than the title and job description.

Throughout, the authors reiterate that traditional job hunting methods will not work in the current job market environment; that job hunters have to develop an army sergeant’s mindset – have a plan, stay focused, and employ a blend of job search approaches, termed the Force Multiplier Effect.

Topics on creating one’s personal brand and bargaining with confidence were also covered. They advise job seekers to learn to brand themselves and stand out from other candidates, as well as preparing to negotiate the job offer. These are topics that were once only talked about at senior-levels. An interesting recommendation is the “T-Account Exercise” where the job seeker creates a list that compares his/her relevant skills and accomplishments to the needs of the employer. This allows him/her to prepare for the interview with confidence.

While Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters is definitely a must have for job seekers in the 21st Century, some of its guerilla tactics – putting an employer’s logo on one’s resume and creating an email chain letter – could be considered extreme; nevertheless, a great addition to one’s career library.

Daisy Wright CDP BA

The Wright Career Solution


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