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The pan-Canadian movement to certify Career Development Practitioners (CDPs) is well under way. The Career Development Practitioners’ Certification Board of Ontario (CDPCBO) is pleased to announce the successful launch of the Ontario certification model on April 1, 2015. Ontario is the fifth province to implement a certification model for practitioners, based on the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners (S&Gs).

In a recent survey of 1500 Canadians, The Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) and The Counselling Foundation of Canada found that half of those who have not had professional help with their career development say they would have sought it if they could do it over again. With increased public awareness of the need for professional help in making key life decisions, certification of the profession could not come at a more opportune time.

The Canadian Council for Career Development (CCCD), of which CDPCBO is a member, states:

“Certification provides a mechanism to validate and recognize the competence of practitioners working in the field and to legitimize the complex and evolving field of practice. Through the standardization of competencies, certification delivers quality assurance for employers, funders, and the public. The certification process takes into account both formal and informal learning and experience to unify practitioners with a common voice and vocabulary for career development.”

If you are a career development practitioner, learn the requirements, processes and history of certification in Ontario. You may be eligible to apply for certification based on various categories of education and experience, including a time-limited “grandparenting” category for those currently working in the field.

Please visit our website www.cdpcbo.org to see full details. Contact us at info@cdpcbo.org if you would like us to make a presentation for your organization.


Career Development Practitioners Certification Board of Ontario (CDPCBO)

116 Viceroy Rd., Unit B1, Concord

Ontario L4K 2M2



CPC’s Online CCDP Courses for Career Professionals

CPC’s Career Development Practitioner Program (CDP) courses are ideal if you want to update your competencies, working towards your provincial/territorial CCDP certification, and want prepare to apply for your Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) Certifications. 

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