Need Answers Fast? CPC’s Facebook Group is the Key!


By Daisy Wright.

Want to be a part of something awesome? Join CPC’s Facebook Group! One of the best parts of membership in the group is that it’s FREE.

CPC’s Facebook Group is the quickest way to get answers to your work-related challenges. Launched in July 2017, the group has quickly grown to 200+ members, as of this writing. Since then, the page has logged more than 450 posts, 3000 comments, and 5000 reactions.

On average, 100 members per day actively engage with the group. And, this is not engagement containing posts about what people had for breakfast! Instead, it’s the sharing of information about résumé writing, career coaching, and business building, and it’s all done within the privacy of a Facebook Group.

One of the advantages of joining the group is that you do not have to be a member of CPC (although that’s desirable), but you must be a career practitioner engaged in résumé writing, career coaching, career counselling, or training that aligns with career development.

Membership allows you to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the daily challenges career practitioners encounter. You’ll also observe how quickly members get answers and suggested solutions to address these challenges.

At a recent teleconference of the CPC Social Media Team, it was suggested that we create a page within the Facebook group to share resources and best practices. Almost immediately, one member of the team created the page and populated it with topics such as:

  • Pricing Your Services
  • Appointment Schedules
  • Website Creation Course
  • Ontario Labour Market Trends
  • Résumé Experts Q&A Podcast

Research shows that when groups of talented people bounce ideas off each other, they solve problems better and faster. Most innovations these days come from groups, not individuals.

To get a flavour of what members think about CPC’s Facebook Group, here are some recent comments:

“Being part of the CPC community is a way to brighten your skills in an immeasurable way since the knowledge here is varied yet important in so many ways. Informal though it is, this page from CPC is just an amazing resource and outlet for creatives to learn…”

“This is a great community and I value the topics and ideas, and the discussions that follow.”

“It’s benefited me greatly by allowing me to get others’ feedback about a variety of topics that in turn have helped me to be better at what I do.”

“I love this format for keeping us in the loop!” 

“It is definitely part of my daily routine now…such an engaged group ready to offer advice/help! Excellent resource for staying relevant in the field.”

“It’s timely and relevant and I get valued information from people I trust.”

“How did we do without this community before?”

Those are just a few comments about the value of CPC’s Facebook Group. When members get stuck on an issue, instead of trying to solve it themselves, they quickly turn to the group to ask questions and get answers fast.

Do you have a question that you are struggling with, and need an answer to right away? Join the group and get answers from other Canadian career practitioners. You will get different perspectives, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your situation.

Even if you don’t have a question, join the CPC Facebook Group and contribute your expertise. Membership is an effective way to demonstrate your professional skills and knowledge, and to build up your network.

Join us and kick off the new year in the supportive company of your colleagues!

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash


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