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Lori Jazvac is an award-winning Master Certified Résumé Strategist (MCRS), Certified Career Transition Coach and Employment Strategist, author, career storyteller, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. She embarked on a career restructuring in 2013, which sparked the launch of her own entrepreneurial venture, Creative Horizons Communications, a one-stop Halton, Ontario-based holistic career services firm.

Lori supports jobseekers around the globe, in all fields, levels, and stages of transition. As a career change advocate, she uses an innovative and customized approach to help jobseekers realize and re-channel their purpose, and harness empowering brand marketing tools and resources to confidently achieve their career goals.

Lori is a dedicated, multi-certified member of Career Professionals of Canada (CPC). She is a volunteer, senior content contributor, tele-networking facilitator, and tele-networking team lead.

Along with her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees, she holds over 15 industry designations, including CPC certifications in résumé, employment, interview, and work-life strategy. Lori has earned more than 50 industry-related awards for career service excellence.

In her spare time, she enjoys engaging in the arts, dance, and fitness while keeping up to date with innovative business practices and labour market trends, as well as local community events.

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Our Members Matter program is designed to honour and celebrate our members and includes many initiatives—current and future—to give our members the recognition they deserve. We would love to feature you! If you are interested in recording your own introductory video, feel free to contact Felisha Ali, a member of CPC’s Communications Team, and she will be happy to help you get started. You can message Felisha through her CPC member profile.

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