Make Your Mark!

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by Andrew Roach.

Did you know that every time you meet someone you have the opportunity to create a lasting connection? How you come across to others in your personal and professional lives is critical to your success. Without a proper presentation, your message could easily be forgotten without you even knowing it.

By following these six simple steps to success you will dramatically increase the opportunity of making a positive, lasting connection that will assist you in achieving your dreams.

Step 1: Demonstrate a real interest in what others are saying.

How? Be an active listener by smiling, nodding and responding when appropriate. We all like to be listened to and generally remember those who give us their full attention.

Step 2: Ask open-ended questions!

Who, What, Why, Where, When and How. These words have almost a “magical” quality that keep a conversation flowing rather than asking questions that can be answered with yes or no answers. You’ll be remembered as someone who took a genuine interest and won’t easily be forgotten.

Step 3: Repeat the person’s name.

Chances are you’ll be remembered (and you’ll remember them more easily) if you simply follow Step 1 and actively listen. We all naturally respond to our own names so it makes sense to create a personal connection by using their name during your conversation.

Step 4: Let the other person talk and don’t interrupt.

We all like to be heard and no matter how knowledgeable you may be on a certain topic the other person will respect that you are interested in what they have to say.  How do you like to be interrupted?

Step 5: When appropriate, present a “mini-commercial” of yourself in 1 minute or less!

Describe WHO you ARE so others can make a mental note of what you do.

Example: I am a Professional Resume Writer and Corporate Recruiter with a track record of successfully “Presenting People at Their Best!” I have had the pleasure of assisting and placing candidates all across Canada.

Describe WHAT you NEED to the person you are speaking with, as they may be able to help you reach your goal or know someone that does!

Example: I am looking to develop relationships with Human Resource Professionals, Hiring Authorities and Motivated Professionals that would benefit from utilizing my services.

Describe what you are WILLING to SHARE as you may be able to assist the person you are connecting with, or someone they know, in achieving their goals.

Example: I am happy and willing to share my enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise as it relates to the Job Search and Placement Process.

Step 6:  Follow up and deliver on any promises you’ve made during your conversation.

The world operates on a give and receive basis so it’s crucial that you follow through. If you do what you said you would you’ll be remembered in a positive light. On the other hand, if you don’t do what you committed to you won’t be forgotten either (but for the wrong reason) Make sure you email the article of interest, make that call on their behalf, pass on their name to someone who might be able to help or supply them with the phone number you promised etc.

If you follow these six-simple techniques you’ll see a significant increase in your ability to “Make your Mark” by creating positive, long lasting connections. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how many people are ready and willing to help you achieve your dreams.

Wishing you continued success!
Andrew Roach is president of JAC WORX (, a professional resume writer, career coach and Corporate recruiter.

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