Lessons from a Dragons’ Den

CPC Business Development

By Stephanie Clark.

I really enjoy watching Dragons’ Den. In case you’re not familiar with this television program, it consists of a group of successful Canadian entrepreneurs who sit in judgment of the viability of an unbelievable diversity of business ideas (Canadians, it appears, are quite inventive). As you might expect, given that it is for entertainment, most of the ideas are foolish indeed. And the Dragons do not hesitate to tell the show’s guests exactly where the problem lies.

Thankfully, if you are considering launching your career-practitioner business, you don’t have to worry about raising capital with the likes of these Dragons; it is quite doable with minimal investment. Even so, research into your niche market, and being prepared to take a few years to build a viable business, are strategies that we career practitioners have in common with all entrepreneurs.

The hopeful entrepreneurs who dare enter that dragons’ lair think that a great idea alone is enough. They soon learn that that is but a humble beginning. Another hard truth? The pundits are right: it takes five years to earn a decent salary.

Launch your career practitioner business, with hope and practicality as your constant companions.

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